Poll: iPhone 4 or Droid X?

iPhone 4 46% (7)
Droid X 40% (6)
Other - See Comments 6% (1)
Lima Beans 6% (1)

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I'm buying one of these in the next few days or so. I have an iTouch4 so I have a few months of iPhone interface experience (less the phone). iTunes is a pile of dung but I didn't find the MarketPlace that much better. Do you have an opinion that could sway my decision. I was going after the iPhone for $dev reasons but having to learn MAC, buy a MAC, give dev$, and learn C was a significant turn off. I think I can handle a little Java on the droid side and I think everything on their side is free and clear of strings at least from a getting started point of view.

As far as my dev log goes...
I of course had to learn a hard lesson about branching and merging projects already.

I downloaded WinMerge (free open source) to help with the RC branching and it's alright but it doesn't make the merge changes obvious (at least to new users). I accidentally blew away a large chunk of recent work which I'm currently taking a break from repairing. :| I don't even know the real extent of damage yet.

On a lighter note, I managed to pump out an "Enhanced Source Code Sharing" example today which BYOND chat room owners might find useful.

In most of the chat rooms I've visited, if you push tab to indent a line, you navigate out of the current textarea. Heck, even this blog posting field has the same problem as do 99% of the textarea implementations in existence.

The solution involves little of my own work actually. I did have my own implementation that allowed forward tabbing but this jQuery+plugin solution takes the cake. Now you can tab, shift+tab, and even tab a word or entire line over. As a bonus, I designed it so multiple users can all work off the same code base and tweak code back and forth. It's actually pretty neat and I look forward to utilizing it. If your interested, it's integrated it into RC 3.4 and it's available in the catalog.

Anyway, back to the repairs...

12:21am - Update

Fixed my merge mix-ups and then made backups and backups of my backups.

After this fiasco and many close confusing encounters with my branched projects (as I knew would happen), I decided to look into source control once more and gave SVN another shot. For some reason, I got it in my head that you needed a server for SVN to work but that was wrong. I got it working just fine on my local XP drive.

Now I'm diving into SVN and I already got a repository setup and my trunk project is created and committed. I just made my first official check-in. :) Fun stuff. I almost feel official somehow.


I say iPhone 4. I don't know what your budget is, but I prefer the Desire HD or the Samsung Galaxy S above the Droid X.
Galaxy S > Droid X all the way.
Ive had a droid and an iphone, I prefer the iphone.