by SuperAntx
Take part in an epic battle over a colored piece of cloth.

First and foremost is an updated F1 Help Guide. Not only are the facts now fully up-to-date, I've cut down a lot of the wordy explanations. Now each section of the guide is a bit shorter and more to the point with straight facts about gameplay. I figure more people would read the guide if it didn't look like a menacing wall of text.

The armory now has a button to open and close the weapon menu. It might not seem like an important addition, but after accidentally buying different weapons when trying to shoot people inside the armory I just had to add it. It's the little things which count, right?

The sniper rifle has had a few major revisions. Some of the previous changes to the weapon were just bad choices for gaming over a network, BYOND's network specifically. It was too hard to time shots and handle accuracy, it's much easier to just autofire. With that in mind I've changed the sniper rifle back to the headshot beast it once was, but now it shoots a bit slower. I've also reduced the accuracy-based damage modifier a bit and dumped the difference into the weapon's base damage. What this jibberish means is the weapon is a tad less reliant on your accuracy and is able to dish out a reasonable amount of damage to people taking cover.

A few of the other changes include a slightly lower fuse time for grenades, a slight balance change to the Subway Station map, and a change the the crouch mechanics. Since projectiles now damage every person on the tile it collides with, I guess it doesn't matter if people are stacking on the same tile anymore.

You can read the full patch notes on the Decadence website or on the forum.
Finally, sniper gets some love.

Below me is a marksman master.
how do i play its not working its saying i have to download something?
i downloaded it and still can't play this game
It says that there is an error unzipping... Does it need a download to help unzipp its fly?
como eu entro no jogo
R.I.P last update in the game :(.