Looks like the phone decision is a pretty simple split. If you want simplicity, go with iPhone. If you want to geek out with customizations, go with the droid.

Alright... we'll see where I end up.

As for the RC, I've run into some "complexity". eaning, I don't understand some core features which is a bad thing.

#1. My effort to branch the projects is failing. It's essentially creating twice as much work.

Solution: I'm going to sync the projects once more, and then, design the PM more modular and abstracted so I can just flip a switch to turn on a feature when its ready.

#2. My Login is killing me. It takes 5-10 seconds to login and there's a ton of crap happening. It's just noise and sometimes, not all resources make it to the client machine so we have missing .html and missing .png files.

Solution: Remove everything from the Login() proc and then strip it down to just the bare essentials and functionalize many of the checks.

#3. XP system is hitting unexpected bugs because of login timing issues. The Login issue simply shined a light on a bad design. I need more control over XP, offline XP, informing of XP gained when logging in, and ranking up.

Solution: Revamp XP/Ranking so there is no question as to when and where various events occur.

Alright, off I go to fix those 3 major issues. But first, a nap.