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I plan to finish StarScurrier, but I keep procrastinating. Lately, I've been focusing on my procedurally generated action adventure... which itself is something I have been keeping on the back burner.

My map generation library will handle the connections between cells for a lot of my overworld and dungeons. However, I still need to decide how to design the rooms. I know I'll need paths between doors. Offhand, I'm thinking that I'll grab chunks along those paths for open land, determine enemy placement and then fill random spots of the rest with environmental obstacles.

Here's a mockup that I just eyeballed. It doesn't use the algorithm. I just think it looks pretty. Pretend you can see the water animation. ;)

I'm going with 1280x720 pixel resolution for this game to follow a standard 720p setting for video recording. Fighting to edit my Fused Finale video with free software scared me off of 480p. Hopefully enough players can handle that size. If not, I'll slap a maximize option on the window and let it grow/shrink to whatever.

Unfortunately, I find I have to edit the window dimensions in a text editor. Dream Maker likes to shrink the horizontal to 1270-something and add a border that doesn't exist when the game is running. I think it's because 1280x1024 is my maximum resolution, but I have not toyed with it enough to post in the tracker yet.
Wow! I love the art. How do you make it?
Toadfish wrote:
Wow! I love the art. How do you make it?

Sadly, I think you guys are just impressed by the royalty-free textures. Other than that it's just simple shapes and IconCutter to splice the tall/shallow cliff gradients. The allure will likely fade when my animated mobs are displayed. ;)
I thought you made them :P. At least you have good taste!