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Role-play a fantasy life set in a completely player-developed world!
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Please make a new server for those of us that hate/dont want tp rp

this game is fun as crap but the forced RP kills it :\ yes i understand alot of people LOVE rping.... but just the same alot do NOT and would rather play this great sandbox game as a pvp game :)

i for one know lots of people that would play a pvp version of this where they can kill anyone that isnt guilded/grouped/w/e its called XD (been awhile since ive played)

this game sort of reminds me of Mortal Online and Darkfall Online and Ultima Online just not so advanced and 2d ^^ aka a great game :D
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Hazordhu is a Roleplay game.
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Well I mean you could turn it into a rpvp game. Basically you would have to stay IC at all times but noone could stop you from being a maraudering psycopath that attacks on sight. The way it could work is by adding a reputation system coupled with disadvantages based on your pvp behaviour. This would also include rp disadvantages, since other ppl and villages/towns might reject or attack you on sight if you have negative reputation.
There could be 5 sates of reputation shown above your character going from green to dark red. Each time you kill a person that has the same or better rep you gain negative rep that auto goes away after some (long) time.
To prevent ppl getting negative rep for just defending themselves, you could add a pvp option that can be turned on/off and is shown above the character. Basically any person with pvp on can be attacked by anyone and killed without losing any rep.
As for looting, every time you die you auto lose a percentage of your equipment/inventory based on your reputation.
This all would require that rp perma death would have to be replaced by a different system so that you dont lose your character the first time you die. Maybe by adding a wounding system, where if you accumulate too many untreated wounds you would die perm. This could also be tied to the rep system, so the more negative rep you have the harsher the penalties for dying.
New players would have pvp protection for some ingame time.