Digimon Online Adventures

by Laz goddard
Fight,Digivolve,Degenerate,Win,Get stronger !!!
"The game is back"
Main Features
Digivolve/Degenerate system

Digivolve your digimon to get stronger into of his evolution forms.Staying evolved requieres DS energy that when is depleted to 0 forces you to degenerate back in your rookie form.

Training system

Other than fighting other digimons to level up,you can also train in the gym to raise stats like attack,defense,speed and spirit.

Quest system

Go through many quests to advance through story and also get rewarded with exp and bits.

Made by Masterden23
and Laz Goddard
All rights reserved.

sounds good when will it be up?
Since its still in beta it will be up during evenings on central time
ive waited so long to play this
Can anyone tell me about what time each day it will be up (EST) id like to try it but i missed the first hosting
Well it should be around 7-8 pm
get dourmon for it plz!
Well Dorumon is a special one so I am planning to add it after beta,actually I have many work on hand
Anyway the next updates will be very interesting I have many things I haven't shown in the game yet
This is the Gm voting:Which is gm do you think is the best Say there name.
laz hush, not many ppl play atm, so no voting.... yet :) <3
game won't launch for me for some reason T.T
Delthor wrote:
game won't launch for me for some reason T.T

me too
I am making the new forums.
Alban you don't do a thing without my permission and on 7 pm
Ok Some people are saying the game is no lanching for you we dont know the problem why but as soon as it found out why we get back to you it even happening to me.
game won't launch for me why!!!
Ok seems its my ports fault but I cant do anything about it you will just have to try relogin an other time
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