For those who use vim, or are interested in learning how to use it, I quickly made a syntax highlighting plugin. You can install it with Vundle ( or Pathogen (

You can find it on GitHub:

very cool!
Do you write much in OS X?
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Maz wrote:
Do you write much in OS X?

Not in DM, but for everything else, pretty much. This was purely experimental, and just something I wanted to try out to learn VimScript. However, I did come up with a workflow that works with VMware that allows you to develop on OSX, and run the binary in a Windows VM.

If I were still developing in DM, I would totally do something like this though. Nothing beats vim in speed.
Link to download vim?
Here's a link for a Windows installer:

There are plenty of guides online, and I recommend taking it slowly, one feature at a time.