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Yesterday I posted something about a server offer.
Today I will do it an other way. I was talking about: It is a Dutch hosting provider that has its VPS services in The Netherlands according to its data facility page. There are actually quite a few good offers floating on WHT that are still working. Take this one for example — use this ordering link to get “VPS Linux #2″ for €1.95/month (~USD$2.59).

256MB guaranteed/512MB burstable memory
30GB storage
150GB/month data transfer on 1Gbps

I am actually not too sure whether they are indeed using OpenVZ, and which control panel they are deploying. On the offer page posted on November 25th it stated “256MB memory and 512MB swap”, although their blog page posted on the 24th says that the same link is on their OpenVZ platform. Same with their more recent offer — says swap memory in the post, but selling the same OpenVZ package. Someone here might have actually purchased one before — okay to verify the virtualization + control panel?

They do seem to be a reasonably sized company, if they are indeed owning all these servers. They also run Denkers-ICT (dedicated server company) and Gamersway (game-server company) according to Tom’s LinkedIn profile.

- Dutch3d
Should be noted that hosting a game in a country different than the one of the majority of your players is simply bad practice.
Well. That's true, but Byond got a great variaty of nationalities. It's impossible to deliver a great experience for everyone. I'm just posting this, since this is the cheapest VPS I found so far.
Simple... Hello/Hi/Yo/Ello :D
Anyways, i heard about Android Data... and His Cowed.. So Wanna work together for New Cowed Remastered? O.o itd be good lol
Hiya. Sorry for the late reaction. Well Remastered is not my project, it's the project of Joshaboy. I'm only doing the HUB, since he isn't member. I never fixed the source ;) I would love to work on our own version though.
xD lol kk btw, my game is doin great! almost got all base code done :o
Great to hear. Looking forward to it.
hey dutch3d at the moment i am hosting ur game and i was wondering could i be head admin or at least a gm to make it more fun