Poll: What Type of RPG Class do you prefer?

Warrior 7% (9)
Archer 10% (12)
Mage 11% (13)
Priest 5% (6)
Necromancer 10% (12)
Ninja 9% (11)
Samurai 7% (8)
Zombie 5% (6)
Corrupt_Knight 3% (4)
Holy_Knight 5% (6)
Beserker 9% (11)
Ranger 7% (8)
Arch_Mage 6% (7)

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Leave a comment ;D
Archer - I just love Arrows & Bows :3
Samurai, because I like katanas :3
.....Samurai Archers? :D
No, the ones who use katanas..
Nyu , like Samurai's that use Bows & Katana's :D
Necro rules over these tards and their magicians (Arch Mage)

You be lying , Archer pwns all ^w^
Can't force me. :P
Be jealous of the Archer's pure awesome ness D:<
Necro, ressurect an archer army!
Like you could kill one in the first place D:< x3
Nerco for the sexy win!
Most of those just seem like tech trees rather than actual classes.
1) What is the difference between a mage and an arch-mage?

2) What's the difference between ranger and archer? These classes are usually synonyms.

3) How is a zombie a class?

4) What is the difference between a warrior and a berserker? Berserker and warrior are traditionally the same class, with berserker sometimes being a subclass of warrior, with focus on increased damage and reduced armor, or shouts as buffs/debuffs.

5) Is the holy knight supposed to be a Paladin? If so, what is the corrupt knight? Which leads me to...

6) The majority of these classes are non-standard.
Depends heavily on the game, and what each class can do in it.
It's just a poll , who cares if there's subclasses in there? (Waiting for a troll response)
Clearly anyone who criticizes you or your poll is obviously just a troll.
I can't believe no one voted Ninja.
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