With the recent site changes, the low number of featured games should be apparent.  Please do not expect a reviewer to stumble upon a particular game.  This is a volunteer effort.  If you think a game should be featured, you will have to take the initiative.  Make use of the Submissions forum. =)

I left feedback for a couple games this week, but my schedule and vagueness regarding the games I'd be testing failed to gather enough players.  This week, I'll need one person for Unknown Person's tactical fantasy Ultimatum.  I'll also need at least a handful of people to to form teams in Asielen's Snow War.

If you'd like to increase the pace, I'm still looking for reviewers.


Within BYOND

Forum_account's digging platformer A Miner Adventure has been patched.  Next up are two new game modes.  One will be an open-ended building mode where players can collect ore, cash it in and buy upgrades.  The other will be a second adventure mode with new enemies and improved AI.

The Sidescroller library used in the project has also been updated with automated movement features.

IainPeregrine's writer's block is our gain as the cooperative action title Casual Quest received an unexpected update.  Subscribers will have access to a new class called the Revolutionary.  In addition, custom characters can be purchased and will be available through the card system.  Out of money?  There's still a new class you can try if you can figure out how to access it.

Among other changes, Silk Games' retro MORPG NEStalgia has shifted its character creation to an external server to decrease lag.  Game servers are taking advantage by merging for higher populations.  Some of those servers will soon offer open PvP combat.  Let the the results of the web comic contest give you something to chuckle at while you're being ganked. ;)

Iccusion Entertainment's competitive puzzle Blobble has been updated to bring it more in line with the feature standards.  Similar efforts are how Zan got featured.

Aaiko has been making adjustments for the new system.  Please reward him by following the Facebook page for the MORPG Teridal.  I missed the opportunity to link to it while its featured status was governed by BYOND RPG.

The Magic Man updated his turn-based fighter W-BAT.  Weapons were rebalanced and abilities were added to counter certain strategies.  The name still isn't final, but all of the features appear to be implemented. The focus is now on bug fixes and further balance tweaks.

Meanwhile, The Magic Man has returned to his competitive mining strategy Block Miners.  Although he has yet to add a few items, the game is considered finished.  A server is being hosted as I type this and a download is available.

Yut Put has updated his science fiction horror Sirius.  What really sticks out is the new mode.  Players, still combating the numerous NPC "Glitched", are split into teams tasked with reclaiming the bodies of lost comrades in a morbid form of capture the flag.  Cool.

Also included was a new tutorial screen and, having requested one in B&W, I appreciate the effort.  Unfortunately, I have not managed to view the screen in my solo attempts.  I shot at something solid though!  Go me! ;)

Acebloke posted plans and progress for multiple games.  A playable demo with the new interface for his military/economic sim Wargames could be available this weekend.  The civilization-building Wargames2 could eventually be receiving the same treatment.  Meanwhile, procedural support for weather, time of day changes and multiple star systems has been added to his graphical MUD Dreamland Universe.

Branks has posted a screenshot of the kung fu RPG Suukou Faita.  More are expected soon.  A list of the current art milestones has been included for the curious.

Beyond BYOND

As we know, a certain ear-molesting cheetah made it to GDC this year. Apparently he was too busy for this episode's Free Indie Rapid Fire. The nerve! ;)

Don't settle for a brief mention of activity.  Get games featured!

Yeah, what he said.