Seriously, already been one year since I got my 1st membership, and it feels damn quick that's it's almost over... Just renewed it though so my game'll still be listed.

Also Eevee World Online is going to have one big update(Possibly next week but I can't be sure about a date yet). I'd want to update the interface with something better looking but I'll need a graphic artist as well, but oh well guess I'll have to leave that to another time.
yeah they should give us at least 10 years for all the money we give them
Rofl, didn't really mean that :P. Just sayin' it feels to quick sometimes.
Why was FTO discountinued o.o
SilencedWhisper wrote:
Why was FTO discountinued o.o

Lost motivation, had no one else on the team and also because of FUNimation.