by Falacy
Battle alongside your allies in an effort to defend loot from hordes of monsters!
Well the normal base char (from the actual version) is better than the new one imo.
Its the same exact base, he's just naked, and bald. You can't even see most of him, he's covered by an un-detailed M16 carbine.
The SS for PC is just blury which is what I think is makeing it look kinda bad.

Wait is it a little blury on anyone elses comp?
The icons are stretching to fit the map size, that's why it looks blurry.
So your basically killing the bleach theme for eternity?
Charimzard wrote:
So your basically killing the bleach theme for eternity?

I wanna troll on here but I'm afraid that Falacy will ban me from his games and delete my comments just like SilkWizard does.
I wouldn't ban you from the games for trolling on the site, especially since there isn't a competent way to accomplish that. I might ban you from posting on my site, though, depending on how offensive it was. Silk is just a noob, with an ego that's been over inflated by a crappy game destined to fail... again.
I actually liked Nestalgia for a while then I realized...what the hell am I doing? I will just go play some Final Fantasy if I want this gameplay.
Falacy add me to your pager or add em to MSN i have a few questions about a job and a question about a sponsership if your interested my Email is [email protected] and my key is Elochai
What do I gotta do to become part of Stray Games? Honestly, is that even possible?
No Updates? =o
Year 4...

Still no news on CC:N

Water is running low, soon I will have to switch to my HL3 resources to survive...
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