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BYOND currently depends on volunteers with Facebook access to post content on the page. (I am one of them.) They set the course and become the single point of failure. I think the job could be made obsolete.

Various volunteers already moderate the BYOND site. (Though I often take breaks to work on other efforts, I am one of them as well.) If their decisions are good enough here then they should be good enough for other representations.
  1. Check each post for Games or Developers status. At this time, I would also like to limit the game posts to those linked to featured games as the advertising might motivate developers to polish their work. However, the concept works beyond that.
  2. Wait a bit. Then check to make sure the post still has its status set. This gives moderators a chance to correct any mistakes.
  3. If the status is indeed still set, automatically link to the post on Facebook.

This will require some initial work by the staff, but moderators will be able to keep the Facebook page active without any extra effort in the long run. Moderators won't need Facebook accounts, privileges on the page or sparks of motivation for the writeup. I think that makes it more sustainable.