by Spunky_Girl
Need a baseline source to build off of to create your own game? Try this one!
I created this foundation as a baseline for most RPG-style games, and thus contains many of the basic systems that belong to the genre.

- Added an anti-multikey system
- Added documentation to 9 out of the 14 systems
- Changed the npc_respawn proc to "del" the NPC and then "new" an NPC of the same type instead of moving it to a null location and then relocating it. This method requires no need for resetting variables.

- Added an owner ban fail-safe feature that will still allow owners to connect even though they are banned (however, a HOST ban will still supersede this)
- Added a new system: Skill system

- Added a check so multiple chat prompts cannot be opened at a time
- Movement will now trigger auto-return from AFK
- redo_lays proc now includes equipment overlays (forgot it in initial release)

Version 1.00 features
- Admin system
- Chat system
- Friend list & Ignore list system
- Guild (aka Clan) system
- AFK/Auto-AFK system
- Item stacking & Item equipping system
- Basic movement delay system
- NPC respawning system
- Dynamic quest system (no "experience" rewards, however, unless quest is hardcoded)
- Party (aka Grouping) system
- Saving system
If an update note says "(unreleased)", it means that I have yet to publish that version of the source to the hub. Any features listed under it are things that are currently in the unreleased source.
This is a very complete foundation for an RPG game. Kudos and thanks. I may use parts of it.
okay im going to try this
Great Job
The guild part helped me. Mainly the part with issuing guilds back to the player at runtime.. actually that was the only part of guilds i liked tehee :p
I love this demo its gonna save me hours of resource and forum hunting can u do one for enemy AI next
Enemy AI is still a very tricky concept and is usually unique to every game. There really is no "template" that one person can make.
I love the code output. Very elegant work. I would like to use some of it (giving full credit ofcourse)
Wow this is good stuff you have here, Spunky_Girl. If you dont mind i would like to use some of this code. I have already put you in my credits :D
I appreciate the credit, but it isn't needed. I created this to help people get a jump start into the more intricate stuff on their games rather than focusing their time more on the monotonous underlying mechanics.
Hey this foundation is awesome, but i need a hand with something, I've been coding items e.g Katana and I cant get them to equip.
I'm not the most experienced of programmers and I coded the item in like this.

icon = 'Katana.dmi'
icon_state = "katana"
stack = 1

Now I don't know what to do next, I know I have to state what slot a mob can equip it but how?
I'm still just learning so any help would be great thanks

Okay I found an easier way of asking... Can you just explain how the equip system works. =]
Amazing :) But what does pl mean? like under mob/pl/verb what does pl mean?
Player? Player 1? ???
Oh dude its just Player but encoded as pl
Keelan wrote:
Oh dude its just Player but encoded as pl

Not P1 but pl

Okay I really need to know how your equipment system works, I can code an obj as an item, but how do I get it to equip using your system. please reply =]
What's confusing you about it?
Its not that its confusing, but I just dont know how to allow for equipping and into the stated slots =$.

Would you mind giving me an example of how you would code a weapon or clothing into your foundation please.
The assigned slots items have is just a variable; the slot variable all /item/equip type objects have.
slot = "weapon"
slot = "chest"
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