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Hazordhu II Standalone Launcher

No viruses, I promise! If anyone knows how to get it to not look malicious, or any other tips related to CSS and this magical tool, I'd be glad to hear it.

I started work on it last night. I don't yet know where to stick this (especially since it appears malicious to everything), but I hope I can redistribute this properly and successfully.
According to the standalone launcher, I'm subscribed for life?
I took these lines straight from the readme :/
Another person has confirmed this, so. What am I doing wrong? D:

--- This is from the HTML file. ---

<div class="lifetime_subscriber_info">
You're a lifetime subscriber! Thanks for your strong support!
Why not <a href="pager://subscribe?gift=1">gift a subscription</a>
to a friend?
<div class="finite_subscriber_info">
Your subscription is good for <span id="sub_time"></span>.
You can <a href="pager://subscribe">renew</a> it at any time.
<div class="non_subscriber_info">
Want even more fun in Hazordhu II?
<a href="pager://subscribe">Subscribe today</a> for bonus

--- This is from the CSS. ---

/* Subscription styles: These are applied to the body */

.subscriber {} /* Any subscriber */
.non_subscriber {} /* Logged in but not a subscriber */
.finite_subscriber {} /* Subscription will expire */
.lifetime_subscriber {} /* Subscription will never expire */

.life_subscriber_info {display: none}
.lifetime_subscriber .life_subscriber_info {display: block}
.finite_subscriber_info {display: none}
.finite_subscriber .finite_subscriber_info {display: block}
.non_subscriber_info {display: none}
.non_subscriber .non_subscriber_info {display: block}
In response to Kaiochao
Not sure, I've never experimented with the standalone stuff. Could it have something to do with the fact you receive benefits from being a BYOND Member, on top of being able to subscribe?
In response to LordAndrew
I found it. The class is "life_subscriber_info" but the div is set to "lifetime_subscriber_info". Darn you, readme!
This ain't working, it just crashes for me, i double click it and dosn't even start.