by Spunky_Girl
Need a baseline source to build off of to create your own game? Try this one!
Let me take a blog to talk a little bit about each system in my Foundation source.

The latest system I released along with v1.02 was the Skill system. It's just a basic skill system, but can be quite flexible when in the right hands. My skill system includes a universal e_fail proc (aka Execution Fail) that does one job that most, if not all, skills will be tested with - will the skill successfully execute or not? The proc is designed so that you can only use skills against enemy NPCs in a hostile zone and/or against players only in a Player Kill (PK) zone. There's also the skill locking procedure I designed that does one simple job - prevent execution of the skill before the cooldown runs out. This proc is built into the e_fail proc.

The other systems include...
- Admin system: so owners can maintain their game from within the game
- Chat system: so players can communicate with one another through various "channels"
- Friend/Ignore list system: so players can keep track of their friends or phase out other players from their game experience
- Guild system: so players can organize themselves on a grand scale
- Party (aka Grouping) system: so players can form temporary groups to accomplish one or many tasks together
- Basic movement delay: so players aren't moving at "light speed" across the map(s) of the game
- NPC respawn system: so NPCs can come back after a player has "killed" them (this will get more work later and turn into a general "NPC System")
- Dynamic quest system: you can hardcode quests (where you can include experience rewards) or you can create dynamically generated quests (without experience rewards) with this system
- Saving system: this is pretty mandatory in practically any game you can think of, and utilizes separated lists for overlays and underlays for better management of visual effects (like every save-system should, IMHO)

If you need help to understand any of the systems, please contact me via AIM (MeluvdaKitteh) or even the BYOND Pager. If you would like to suggest anything that I should incorporate into my Foundation source, please feel free to email me at or contact me via AIM/Pager.
The one thing I noticed immediately that it's sorely lacking is documentation. It's essentially useless as a base foundation for a game, or as a learning tool, if there is no documentation describing what's going on.
I will definitely work on getting some documentation for each system. It's just finding the time to sit down and type out what's happening.
I'd like it if you described how the Item system works please thanks. =]
Hi. How do you test your game after your done? I need help.