Naruto: 20 Years Later

by FlamingReaper
Out with old In With The New
omg -.-"
srsly , u put the server online 1 day, and its offline in the other ??? wtf ...
to be a hoster we need to be byond members right ?
in case we dont need, i can host if u need.
the fact u thought u needed to be a byond member to host isnt a good sign towards u being a good hoster or even being capable of hosting*dont take offense*
it is funny and tell i invited u my name there is DAWN
yeah i understand that itachi, in fact, i started playing byond games, like 3 mounths ago, so im kind of new here, but i can give a try.
o well thats understandable
Itachi, if u want i can host Era of tobi, if u need, i dont mind rly. RiseOfTheUchihas?command=wait#

Naruto game !!! all sorts of stuff are being added
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