One Bit

by Yusuke13
A 1-Bit adventure. Collect coins and venture far!
Keywords: updates
Updates for the game are posted here:

v1 Release:

Change 1: Adjusted the respawn locations. They were off. Sorry :)
Change 2: The Ogre's health regenerates if he kills you.
Change 3: Ogre Sword Event added for limited time. (Now Complete. Thanks for all that participated!)
<center> v2 Update: </center>

Added lives (Start with 2)
Removed Ogre and Ogre Sword Event
Doubled game length
Added new boss:The Orb (Area 1's boss)

Change 1: Oversight on testing fix.
Change 2: Orb Conqueror Medal was broken. Fixed now.
Change 3: Orb Conqueror Medal now works for sure. :(
Change 4: Adjusted spawn locations. The Orb's map altered to avoid easy defeats.