Phoenix: Sundered Earth

by Archonex
A sandbox roleplaying game combining lovecraftian elements, with the fast paced action of anime. - Currently in Open Alpha -
I've seen things. Things I wish I could forget. Cities burning along-side their residents in the third great war. Men and women, acting like animals, devoid of all sanity or hope. Profane things, unkind to the laws and restrictions of this reality, worming their way up from the sewers. Things with no faces, and too many eyes, feasting on the misery of the living.

Just yesterday they say CentCom went silent. The day before that, I watched a building turn to dust, it's occupants falling from the sky like birds without wings.

Noone knows quite what's happening, or what to make of it. Some say it's the end times. Some say it's an alien attack.

My colleagues say that the Stars are Coming Right, that the old things locked out of reality are coming back to take back a world that was once theirs. That humanity is a foot-note in the pages of history. Yet another species amongst many that are about to go extinct.

I don't know if we can stop them. Hell, i'm not even sure if we should, after all i've seen. But I do know this.

We aren't going to make it easy for them.

General Features:
  • An expansive, in character, sandbox environment that supports combat systems, PVE, PVP, crafting, and more.
  • A player driven crafting system that can alter the way players play the game as time passes. Bring new (and sometimes deadly) technology to the world!
  • An ever expanding list of advanced gameplay systems and features that include things like the passing of time, aging, construction of buildings in the gameworld, and more!
  • A unique setting that mixes the Lovecraftian Horror, Post-Apocalyptic, and Dystopian/Cyberpunk genres together into one demented mix.
  • A varied selection of unique races with their own backstory, history, and in-game potential and traits.
  • A free, community driven project where participation either in-game or with the game itself can make an appreciable difference.
  • Flexible systems that allow for ease of entry into a wipe with minimal time to catch up to existing players. As time goes by, new players are scaled up in potential so that they are equivalent in potential to older characters.
  • A game that is extremely moddable. Server hosts can customize the game to their heart's content, going so far as to even drop the default setting and design their own.
  • Tons more! There's far too many features to list them all here, in fact.

  • Upcoming Features/Content Updates:

    Patch .0312
  • Patch .0312 is a major bug fixing and quality of life improvement patch. It contains, at the current count as of when this post was made, over 40 fixes. Development is also still ongoing, so even more features will be added in before it goes live. These improvements, fixes, and additions to the game were suggested and collated together by polling the community over the course of a month over any concerns and requested features they'd like to see in the game. It is also the prelude patch to the map update.

  • The Map Update
  • This update contains the new map for the new setting. We are attempting to give each zone in the new map a unique theme and expandable gameplay elements. In addition to that, new tilesets are being introduced and the galaxy map is being replaced by a traversable world map.

  • What comes after the current update plans?

    Advanced Faction Control
  • Form a faction or join an existing one and recruit NPC's, assign troops to assignable lieutenant players, conquer land, and control unique resources which can grant unique craftable items or be sold off to other groups. Factions will be able to eventually grow in size and power to the point where they can potentially wipe out or subjugate entire regions, local governments, and even entire species and land masses.

    Zone Control
  • Stake a claim in the world! Areas of the gameworld will slowly be opened up to be controlled and fought over by factions, be they hard-coded governments, or player run factions. These areas are hotspots that should engage PVP players and the types of players that like to engage in political intrigues. Controlling a piece of land can also yield unique items, resources, and always money to go into your faction accounts.

  • PVE Content (Expanded NPC AI)
  • Existing entities in the gameworld should be expanded on to have a realistic presence when relating to players and other NPCs. These same entities should also be hostile according to racial differences, acts against the ideals of the entity, or factional differences. A mob marked as being part of the local police should not, for instance, tolerate a player murdering someone in cold blood in front of them out on the streets of a city.

  • Dynamic Events
  • The game world should have fluff and flavor events occur that the players can participate in. Perhaps a horde of androids burrow their way to the surface and attempt to exterminate all humans in the region? Maybe the Beastmen decide to launch a major offensive on their neighbors the Taranians, giving their NPC faction a surplus of troops for players in the military to use? Maybe the Taranians decide to do the same? This is an ever ongoing feature that has nigh infinite levels of expandability.

  • Lots More!
  • As current arcs of development are completed, new arcs of development will be cycled into active development. This includes expansions to existing systems, icon and presentation revamps, new content, and more.

Phoenix: Sundered Earth is a continuation of the prior Phoenix project, Phoenix DBZ, which has since ceased development due to copyright issues.

Rather then extrapolate off of the previous game, we are re-designing the setting from the ground up to be original, while retaining all of the races, mechanics, and items currently in-game.

Sundered Earth takes place in a world, set several hundred years after the titular "sundering" of reality.

In the wake of the sundering, baseline humanity has gone extinct. Even "human" humans have some measure of supernatural or unnatural power to them. Many races have also evolved and rose to prominence in the time since modern man fell and the things from outside reality came flooding in.

The chaotic nature of this world means, that, at the start of a wipe, no form of recognizable government remains. It's up to the players to make something worth living in.

The world of Sundered Earth is a world where a man might wield the atomic might of a pre-Fall nuclear warhead with one hand, and tap into the powers of Chi with the other. Technology co-exists alongside mysticism, which in turn co-exists alongside the supernatural.

It's a world where advanced robotics beyond anything mankind is currently capable of, sits alongside bio-organic technology. A world where the real combats the unreal, where demons and angels walk the Earth alongside man, while things alien to reality lurk at the shadowy fringes.

Power is everything in this world. Some try to obtain it to protect others. Others desire it for themselves. Others still, merely wish to be left alone.

Sundered Earth is meant to be a roleplay sandbox for it's players. As with all of the Phoenix project games, it is also highly customizable.

Our goal with Sundered Earth is to port the mechanics and "atmosphere" that made Phoenix:DBZ over to a new, unique setting of our design.

That means that, yes, it is indeed possible to punch out Cthulu in this game, with enough training and power, and that the original high speed battles of the first Phoenix project will remain a common sight.

A host does not need to adopt the default setting either, thanks to our in-game development tools. Indeed, they are free to design whatever setting they wish.

This hub will, at the time, be used to host the game. Check back regularly for updates, or for a link to the servers, once they are up.
Doesn't sound too bad. Will be much better once you can expand the gameplay but a great starting point I believe. Sounds like a lot is gonna have to change for it to become an original however. Are you going to implement dbs back into the game at some point or ex them out and figure out an alternative to it?
Rosencroix wrote:
Doesn't sound too bad. Will be much better once you can expand the gameplay but a great starting point I believe. Sounds like a lot is gonna have to change for it to become an original however. Are you going to implement dbs back into the game at some point or ex them out and figure out an alternative to it?

The DB's that featured in Phoenix will be in, yes.

I haven't quite decided what i'm going to do with them yet, however.

The two big options i've managed to come up with are that a single wish granting item may be a rare drop from mid to high level Horrors. Which would make reality altering wishes a bit more doable, and add some more survivability to a wipe.

The other idea was that, once the tech tree system is put in, there might be an Occult tech tree. One of the end-game items for that tree might involve some rather nasty (or reality warping) stuff.

There will probably be a rank that can also generate wish granting items on a limited basis, same as it was before.
Yut Put wrote:
Archonex wrote:
The DB's that featured in Phoenix will be in, yes.
I'm absolutely thrilled by the fact that this game with retain it's DBs

Mind you. They won't "be' DB's.

Rather, they're going to be a different sort of reality altering, wish granting item altogether. Think the Necronomicon. Only a little less malevolent.

It'd be tacky of me to put the DB's in.
I would suggest adding a lot more functionality to the game. One of the only bad things about the DBZ version is that you couldn't play it for long without wishing you had someone to talk to. Almost more social than a game.
Sum-Sum Productions wrote:
I would suggest adding a lot more functionality to the game. One of the only bad things about the DBZ version is that you couldn't play it for long without wishing you had someone to talk to. Almost more social than a game.

The next DBZ content update was going to help fix that.

Sadly, it's been scrapped until we can get things back up and running.

My main focus at the moment is to remove the infringing materials. As of when the servers were last recordable by Byond, we had well over 200 people on at any one time.

I'd rather get those servers back in running order for those folks who don't have direct links to them, and build the game from there into what I want it to be (Which is what every Phoenix project has done, to some extent.), then spend a year making a game noone can beta-test and give feed-back on.

From there, i'll work on adding in proposed features, and re-adding content updates that were going to go in (We had an entire content update that we never even got to upload thanks to the timing of all this.).
Huh. Sounds like good tentacles to me.
Of course they won't be "DRAGON" balls. Dagon? Maybe.
LaughingSade wrote:
Of course they won't be "DRAGON" balls. Dagon? Maybe.

I'm pretty sure noone here would want to go collect Dagon's balls.

There are nigh legendary levels of squick and high octane, sanity shattering, nightmare fuel involved in where that thought process leads too.
It seems like the player consensus is that they want player spawns to be focused on one 'planet', with space travel still possible to dead or otherwise abandoned planets. I hope that's how it is. Sounds wonderful!

While you're at it, make legendary or otherwise 'rare' achievements (Ex: SSJ) for other races, or severely downgrade SSJ. That way, once SSJ is achieved, it's not automatically the end of the wipe. I think this game will grow severely more popular if what I'm hearing about it is true, so might wanna be ready to support plenty more players if that's the case.

Long comment ftw. I want to see this up! :)
I'm working on V0.01 of SE right now, which will be up on the hub in about a week or so, disasters preventing me from working not withstanding.

V0.01 is, as the name suggests, the first version of SE produced. It includes a basic change-over of the setting.

I do not think these things will be in V0.01, as of now:

New World Map (I'd like to put this in for V0.01, but the iconner who was working on the overworld location icons kind of disappeared on me. So it's on hold until one of the next version numbers.)

Randomized Dungeons

World Bosses/World Boss Hunting System

World Boss Training/System

These may be in, depending on how much time Vale and I have to work on this:

Faction Army Generation (Factions can recruit NPC's to their cause, and outfit them with weapons.)

Faction Army Control (Factions can give armies and individual units orders, like "guard this location", and "kill this schmuck".)

Zone Control (Control of areas in the gameworld. Highly unlikely this will be in, as it requires Faction Army Control and Generation to work properly.)

Zone Taxation (Again, highly unlikely, as the NPC's/per-requisite features to do this do not exist in the code yet.)

Mostly, V0.01 is an extremely alpha version of SE. It's, quite frankly, Phoenix:DBZ with the DBZ markings filed off, and replaced with SE.

In other words, it's a starting point for the new Phoenix project. So if you're looking for all the cool stuff that is planned to go into SE, don't expect it on our first version release. Alpha's don't work that way.
were be test server?
It's my current server address.

In addition to that, once the test server is "live", it'll be visible on the hub.
i like this game
I like the game too, though I seem unable to connect currently.
My connection keeps failing
I wanna host a privet server
Well, I've played this game once as the original Phoenix by Imakeames and it was awesome. It didn't show stats so people weren't worried about how high or low there's was [meaning no poweraming, though I honestly prefer FULL RP]. Anyway, it didn't allow people to right click them and see there name therefore allowing some metagamin and you couldn't check someone's powers compared to yours - a TRUE RPG. No powergamers and everyone enjoyed RPing 5/5.

Now for when Bishamon 121 controlled/runned it. Stats were shown meaning people were always comparing and trying to be the best. People created Techie alts and built stuff for themselves and everything just went down hill. There were a few decent upgrades by Archonex but most of these 'upgrades' were bringing down the level of RP and lifting up powergaming and other OOC interference. 3.5/5

Now for sundered earth. The way it is isn't very good, still the same upgrades that allowed poweraming/metagaming. and the not-so-smart setup. Why put a noob race like Beastman/Saiyan on the same planet as a Tuffle or whatever they are called now? These guys are obviously going to make alts to build them shit. Saiyans usually have scouters and gravs by year five. and For NO IC reason, not like a war or anything to check on the enemy's powelevel and see where the are if they are trying to hide, just no reason but to see there own Battle Power and how much they've trained. Well, I do like the mutants but other stuff has gotta change, not saying that I'd be one to judge seeing as I don't really like verb games but whatevs. The ideas for some of the races is cool and all but nothings changed not the moves, the way the game is, the fighting style. I mean seriously with a name like Sundered Earth it should be all like mystical and 'have art thee' but Guess not. Probably gonna et alot of hate for this too though, but I'd give sundered Earth 2/5. It was alright and I'd only play it if nothing else was on. Not saying it has to be that way though, it can be as good as it used to just without the upgrades and a new story, yes it could actually use one. Anyway Arch just needs to remove some of these so-called €˜upgrades and get back to the basics. The only one that was really convenient to an Rper is the Skill leech toggle so that noobs can't just watch then run away and not RP learning.
I just wanted to point this out, stats were always visible in the previous game. They were also visible in Finale, many years ago. The concept of a proportional stats indicator is a rather old concept, albeit one that i've always personally liked.

There is some debate going on as to whether we should include a proportional percentage indicator for SE, or a straight stats indicator.

It may be that i'll just implement a toggle that top level admins can alter, which will change how players see their stats globally. This would give server's the options to individually configure how they'd want to have that feature work.

As for the complaint that nothings changed, the game -is- in alpha at the moment, and is in a very early alpha version, at that. Which means we're still building the game, not testing features. A great many features are not in at the moment, as a result.

We're still trying to get basic features in, like the linked local map and world map. Despite that, I do believe we have a fairly playable game, (As our population indicates. We have about 200 people on at most times across all the servers.), albeit one that is very similar to our previous project, at the moment. That's a bit unavoidable though, as that's a hazard of having to start from scratch using an existing project.

Skill re-balancing/new skills are part of a later arc. I'd rather get the basic playability features in first, rather then work on fluff features. Especially given that we already have a full skillset for each race in.

Beastmen are on the same general location as Taranians due to the fact that we haven't gotten around to moving the spawn yet.

That being said, alt interaction is still illegal. What you're describing in regards to that is more exploiting/rulebreaking then anything else.

I'm sorry you didn't like the alpha very much. Though, like I said, it is an alpha, which means it's not even nearly done yet. I suggest checking back a bit later.

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