Phoenix: Sundered Earth

by Archonex
A sandbox roleplaying game combining lovecraftian elements, with the fast paced action of anime. - Currently in Open Alpha -
........this shit still ain't lettin me connect..........
This is annoying 91 People are in and still cant get in. Yet it says some people like ZerroX are already in... odd.
Man, i also can't log in, and i want to play so much 3:
If you can't connect, click the IP - not the [Play Now] button. For some reason, the BYOND world link is broken.
God danget I feared this if they rebooted. I for some reason cant connect just like yesterday it keeps saying Connection Failed. Over and over again.
Can someone please explain how any of you people are getting in? I been clicking the IP for the past 30 minutes and still nothing.. Why does this keep happening?
did you click join?
My computer kept skipping the ads. Once I stopped that it loaded fine. Odd as hell.
Also for the sake of attempting to want to try this game again "Help me 2 admins double teamed me teleported me in an inclosed spot then refused to let me rp koed me with commands and demanded I just lay down and take the abuse. If I can get an unban that would be amazing cause I truly don't deserve one. those admins do though, misuing their powers is unforgivable.
In response to Reptillor
which 2 admins?
The admin who ordered it around had the game name cid. while the teleporting me back was a legit reason, but I was admin koed cause he wanted it and he refused to let me get back to where I was last time. Also I was no longer allowed to rp after 1 legit KO it became apparently a OOC fight and Inf didn't matter.

Also while his death was an accident he was still attacking me and I accidently killed him with ki blasts. All of that was ic but he was still brought back all willy nilly. Its the rules of the game though, fuck with an admin whether he be ezing or you inconvience them in some way and you are screwed, might want to put up a (Admin) tag so people can just avoid fucking with them ic. Might be better if people trying to rp with powergamers who have the power of gods.
We hope you don't come back to the game rep
What's up buttfuckers. It's been a long time since I been on SE. Old Tenkichi might come back to have some fun. See if anyone has gotten better at Roleplay in the last 4 years or so.

That's nigga Bishmon back online again? I been seeing his key lately on pager.

Tienshen still play? LifeGod? All them old timers ?

Shit, Archonex need to knuckle up on his tarp team there. I been hearing some mighty derpy derp derp shit coming from SE lately.

New Shell? Got DDoS'ed? Niggah, SE is like peaceful compared to Finale/DU's Servers. How in the sam hell did yall manage to piss someone off like that?

SE start slippin, the whole damn system on Byond gonna fall apart shit.

Look forward to Roleplay with you Old timers again.

Best Regards
I'm selling tarps who wants one?
I'm wondering why it takes literally hours to "Set up" from a Pwipe. I remember back in the day, the shit took 2 minutes. Stop it.
Uhh, maybe they're adding in a lot of stuff storywise? Players weren't too happy with last wipe so possibly they want to get things figured out before jumping into this one.
Maybe, just maybe. Good point. However, it remains to be seen. If not, tsk tsk.
Dont worry it will probably be up in 20 minutes. The sneaky people want to start the server the moment I go to work, thats right I am that important. ;) Nah kidding (hopefully)it will be up when its up. To the people who wanted a wipe, we deserve this kinda, and to the people who didn't, feel free to be pissed. Ok toodles peepz.
If we can get an ETA on when the server was planning on being opened that would be wonderful.
Server is live.
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