Naruto, Call Of Shinobi: Anbu Blackops

by Zerok Kaiba
Naruto, Call Of Shinobi: Anbu Blackops
War is a-foot! Heroes, Villains, Akatsuki. Choose your side in this new original Naruto Sidescroller!
being banned cuz "nobody likes you" without breaking any rules? immature much? let that power go to your head
Who banned yu :(?
I don't like yu but yeah I don't think yu deserve a ban. going to guess a staff member?
If its a staff member it should of said a message? Banned for a reason, and who were yu talking to? Are yu sure it wasnt a host ban?
Who banned you... A host ban or from a gm? Do yu know which gm??
LOL Rami It was me I also banned His trolling ally FlameOFDarkness it was on my server when it was up for the day only. They made ruccus or someshit and i was all like oh do i? and then poof they were banned o.o i thought you were there O.o. Anyway Zerok said Any host can do what they want on their servers so Meh suck it up Dwice and enjoy Sebs Shell.
Unban him :/
Atleast when yu start hosting on v26.
I ain't hosting V26-V28 <--My Guess for when the game goes to shit and Zerok gives up and works solely on his other game. It just seems stupid to host the game. So Dwice is practically already unbanned..He just has to try not to get banned on the other servers.
... Dwice... You pissed off hosts..