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can i host your pokemon games
2nd post ftw!!

sup lolz
or icon map code host
4th post! Lolz

he gots it dont ask
6th post, wooooo :D
Is every 2nd post some random stuff? (Oh wait this is random and its only 7th XD)
daemon, your stupid XDD
XDDD...wait a minute...Im daemon o.o..
wah? im lost lol
IMMY unban me plz i thinks you forgot
U n l u c k y 1 3 t h c o m m e n t l o l
Good for you, Daemon. xD
Boarder cant be achieved in POW unless you get it from the quiz loolz
on lost soul u cant train ur pokemon
ill host your pokemon game
i thibk your lost souls game needs a 24 hour host
Qrock, there already is a 24/7 host if you read the post immy has made above
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