by Camdev
Battle your friends in this strategic fantasy tabletop game!
Voxles is a strategic manual fantasy tabletop game! Assemble teams of 6 characters as you roll the dice and take a chance to deliver finishing blows to your opponents!

Features ( as of 2.0 Beta ):
- 5 Maps
- 20 Characters
- 4 Tabletop Actions
- Server Customization
- Sleek Interface
- 5 Medals
- Music and sound effects

Upcoming Features:
- 2v2 Battles [ Postponed ]
- Various updates to gameplay systems [ Completed ]
- 10 New Voxles
- Video Tutorial
- Help File/ Manual
- Tournaments
- Extra Servers
- Rare Voxles
- Maximum Voxle customization [ Completed ]
- Force 1 Type of Voxle [ Completed ]

Voxle Information Chart ( as of 04/11/2011)

Official Gameplay Rules List:
1. Each player can only use up to 6 Voxles
2. Only one of each Voxle can be used in a team.
3. Once a player hits End Turn, they cannot change their mind, and can only make another action once their opponent ends their turn.
4. Only one skill can be used per turn, unless a skill is used that temporarily increases the amount of skills that can be used during that turn.
5. You must inform your opponent of the skill you are going to use before you begin rolling the dice to use it. If you fail to do this, you cannot use any skills.

If you have any suggestions and ideas, feel free to jot them down here.
Could you make a lobby so that you can pick who you wish to challenge first.

Could you make it so that when you roll the dice it highlights which Voxels you can use for whatever ever skill, so that it makes it easier to see which one you can use for the newer player?.

This game is aimed at being a board game, can you move your voxels? i'm not sure unless it was with deleting them and replacing them? could you make it possible to move 1 of them before you click end turn and then you cannot again until the opponent has clicked end turn?

Do your Voxels have a distance in which they need to be, to be able to attack the opponents, or can they attack anyone from anywhere?

Can you make strategic places on your map for Voxels to go to either do more damage or like a healer could stay behind a warrior, and most enemy's wouldn't be able to hit the healer?

Since your map is grid based, If you do make it so that they can move? or have a distance to attack could you make the floor highlight a different color displaying where they can move or what target is in their path.

I guess a lot of this takes out the open ended role play, and verbal rules you would expect people to follow, but i think if having some functions like this would help the game,
and you could still leave the rest up to Role play: My warrior is going to kill your mage, because i got a 6 and you got a 4 mines in range of yours and yours can't attack, so please delete your mage, etc.
Shame it's not single player :(