Naruto Shippuuden World Destruction

by Nova Productions
Play in the world of Naruto!
With a Bijuu
The almighty team of Haxourus and Tobias shall reign at Rain once again... Maybe.

It's the 3rd, technically. Any news about trial moderators/permanent moderators hand-picked out of the crowd of users yet?
Is the game going to be up just want to know just here waiting but anyway i love your game hope all the stuff you said was going to added was finished . 0-0 Lets Go IT is Super BOWL SUNDAY
What time is it coming up?
4pm now.. Almost evening.. Would love to see it up soon.
What the hell, Guys?
where is the game come on
Is the Super Bowl still on or something?
yeah it is its the 3rd quarter
That explains it..
You pick a horrible day to want to bring it up and then do not even bring it up. What the fuck?
Welcome to Tuesday...

..Still waiting...
Welcome To My World, I can't host anymore, I'll try getting it up by the end of this week.. where the hell are all those damn hosters, for this inconvenience, I will add in something extra for all you guys.
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