At two weeks per post, BYOND and Within is likely to run a bit long.  However, the new format merges the items that repeat every week and makes the column look more varied.  Sweet.

I don't have a specific Todo Review this time, but I'd like you all to know that everything in the Submissions forum and everything I've said I'd review in this column has been processed.  I'll try to mark the forum threads from now on. Feedback will continue to be left on the hub tabs alone.

Thank you again to those who have been joining to help me test. =)

Within BYOND

Silk Games released the Black Sanctum expansion to their retro MORPG NEStalgia and followed it up with two patches.  Meanwhile, a dedicated podcast is being hosted by Silk Games members Ben "Silk" Mallahan and Jared "Balzack" Reilly.  Go earn some new medals, hair dyes and guild capes while you explore the massive new dungeon.

Forum_account's digging platformer A Miner Adventure has been updated with fixes, interface tweaks and additions to the builder's kit.  Meanwhile, his Sidescroller library has been updated with the announcement and continued development of a new action RPG called Tiny Heroes.  A video preview is available.

Is it just me or do clean blocks with a decent palette always look good?

Acebloke has released an update for his empire-building project Wargames2.  Among the fixes, features and changes are new research, units and improved AI.  Subscribers will be able to make use of the latter to settle towns while they're away.  Acebloke's attention is now on scenarios for the prequel.

...Seriously, blocks rock.

As promised, TheMagicMan has added ten new classes to his strategy game War of Heroes.  Humanity gained the Blade Dancer, Cryomancer, Illusionist, Swashbuckler and Warlord.  The other side gained the Blackguard, Liche, Naga, Vengeful Spirit and Voidmancer.  Up next could be a JRPG-styled game for a single player.

Magicbeast20 has released two updates for his cooperative wave-based shooter Quarantine.  Maps, modes, medals and more have been added along with subscriber benefits.

I find it much easier to survive, but I could still use an audio/map reference when my ammo runs out instead of the chat spam.  Magicbeast20 has repeatedly made changes in response to feedback so be sure to offer some. =)

Kaiochao has released and updated Shootah.  It's a cooperative shooter with circles firing in all directions.  Despite the carnage, it's oddly silent and the chat spam appears to be a poor substitution while actually playing.  Overall though, me likey.  I've enjoyed getting my butt kicked and popping right back into the action.

OrangeWeapons has released his entry to the now (supposedly) complete BYOND Cartridge Classic II.  It's a boardgame called Chess: Space Ripple.  Much of it appears to work like normal chess.  However, every random amount of turns, a connection to a second board opens that doubles the amount of pieces available.

Boxcar has released his first game.  It's an action puzzle called LumberGary.  Players have a limited amount of stamina to chop trees and avoid enemies on their way to the goal in each level.

Like Sokaban?  GameAVision's first project is one more variant called Boxworld.  It offers 100 levels of crate-pushing puzzles.

Want to push those crates around while stumbling in the dark under the threat of inhuman enemies?  Bravo1 offers a demo for Darkness in which you can do just that while lighting your path with gunfire.

Camdev has released "an online tabletop game with characters you'd find in RPGs" called Voxles.  Players choose six from twenty characters to battle opposing teams.  A chart of the skills is now available.

I have yet to play so I hope there's more than a title screen.  I'm not a master of advertising, but perhaps a more descriptive visual could be found for the screenshots. ;)

Spunky_Girl has released and updated a library for MORPG creation called Foundation.  It sorely needs a reference, but it is said to include the basis for skills, NPCs, quest generation, administration, saving and more.  Requests are welcome.

DungeonDan has been working on a side-scrolling action RPG with PvP battles and clans called Monkey Mayhem.  One to six players powered by primal rage will explore branches and take over trees...  I await the Foomerian clan of poo-flingers.

Following some project organization, Makeii has released more details on the design of his action RPG Magus Aora - Edreoll.  Character progression will be quest-based, missions will take place on instanced maps and maps will be divided into area stages that must be completed to travel.

Following FUNimation's recent actions, Vermolius has removed 106 fangame medals from Medal Metal Arena.  The good news is that the music and graphics are set to improve.  Those with original games might want to suggest their medals for inclusion.

Aaiko is still seeking a theme for his tower defense game.  The usual fantasy and space standbys have failed due to art production concerns.  Fortunately, the interface and game logic appear to be coming along in preparation for use with BYOND's Flash client.  Inexpensive artists are welcome.

I've been busy.  I released BSP 2D, Multiple Association List and Grid 2D as general data structures.  Then I created a Prim library to connect mazes and tied it together to create Prim Grid and Prim BSP.  I can't claim they're perfect, but I have been providing updates and I'm currently using them all in one project.  If you're still using my Map Generation library, I suggest using Prim Grid instead.

As for what my project is, I'm guessing that it's "excellent. And weird. Like, really weird."

Beyond BYOND

  • The fifth Game Prototype Challenge will take place between the 18th and 25th of this month.  Themes will be announced at noon EST on Monday the 18th.
  • GDCVault has new videos available.  For instance, I watched Charlie Cleveland's 1-Hour Video Game MBA while typing part of this.
  • On What Games Are, Tadhg Kelly compares and contrasts visual versus action oriented design.  Every time one one of you starts with a story, I want to slap or strangle you...  But it's done out of love and mercy, really!
  • Hide & Seek game designer Tom Armitage offers an analysis of Roguelikes that suggests their session-based play makes them the perfect casual games despite the variety of knowledge some may require.
  • Some time ago I mentioned that Scott Nicholson filmed a CBS segment on board games.  It is now online.  Those looking for Nicholson's dark side can find it on his new Get Off My Lawn blog.
  • GamersGate is holding a sale on J-style RPGs.  I wouldn't mention it, but I know there are fans here.  The rest of you might want to take a gander at Steam's deal on indie games called The Potato Sack.
  • Jonathan McCalmont's Seeing Like A State: Why Strategy Games Make Us Think and Behave Like Brutal Psychopaths has been sitting in my folder of external links for a while.  As the former BYOND Strategy King, I find the excuse comforting. ;)

A few posts ago, I picked on Bytejacker for leaving Indie Rapid Fire out of an episode. However, it turned out to be part of a planned format switch with segments airing on different days of the week. This week, Indie Rapid Fire was live with a musical interlude.

Don't settle for a brief mention of activity.  Get games featured!  (Want to review?)

Don't forget me =P
Rofl Falacy <3 Sorry about ur game
Yes, it's done. That was just to pass the source over to Lummox
I hate BYOND because even when I post development news about my games it never shows up in the blogs and I can never get anyone to answer my polls or anything!

New martial arts game coming out soon, BYOND: Martial Arts

Here is some development news with a poll (THAT I SERIOUSLY NEED SUM FEEDBACK ON), and right here is some even more development news.
@Falacy: There were no blog posts and I didn't have the renamed version installed. =(
Awesome, I got in on the news! Makes me feel important.
Funimation really ought to get their act in gear and stop worrying that gaming sites like this are going to cause 'damage' to their buiness! I am especially sorry for Falacy as 3 of his games were removed (HU, HU2 and DuelZ!!!
Yeah, I'm really sorry Falacy was able to make a ton of cash by ripping off Legacy of Goku icons. It's so tragic.
I wish I made a ton of money, and I put forth more effort and produced better quality games than everybody else on BYOND combined, regardless of where the icons originated. Now, quiet down before I have your game shut down for copyright infringement!
Falacy wrote:
I put forth more effort and produced better quality games than everybody else on BYOND combined, regardless of where the icons originated.

i lol'd
What game(s) are we going to pretend are better in any way or more frequently updated than HU2?
Quality > Quantity

Updating every other day to fix bugs from the last patch does not a good game make. :P
That's contradictory and irrelevant.
If you judge a game based on how often it's updated then my previous argument should be relevant to your interests.
Depends on the type of game. Though, with the half assed way most (commercial) games of all types have been releasing lately, they all need daily patches.
But, I meant your post was contradictory because if you're fixing bugs, that makes for a quality game, even if you have to do it constantly, which you most likely will.
And, it was irrelevant because numbered versions in HU2 are usually reserved for fully featured updates, not minor bug fixes, of which there was one almost every week on average. Not to mention, there were several other projects that I also worked on during that time.
Most games on BYOND will never get that much work put into them in their entirety, regardless of how many literal updates/versions it makes up.
@[email protected] not really happy about these so much now :\....
It's pretty funny that all the games that brought most people to Byond are off the Hub now. I'm gonna lawl when all the other anime games get shut down and the only Byond game that gets any play is NEStalgia.
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