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*Please* change your icon. I don't know why, but the twitchy animation is wrecking my eyes.
Gah. I cba to make myself an original Tadahshi image.
Get on MSN please.
lol begging for fans, i have 60 fans and i never begged >:(
1. I don't give a shit
2. More people hate you then they do like you
3. I never begged.

GTFO sad troll. *banned*
Death note :3

Hi Jack :)
Lesbian Porn :3

Hi Invo :)
Hey nice Css
CSS Courtesy of Teka123
I'd like to join the supremacy competition :)
Whens the winner gonna be picked?
The winner was going to be picked on wednesday, today is wednesday, due to real life getting ahead of me I have just managed to send the prize. Which has been accepted by Shaba82. Better luck next time buddy.
Ok thanks for the response
I'd appreciate it if you got me unbanned from NE. I really have done nothing wrong. Without a warning I got host banned and all I was doing was PvPing.
Ah, sorry. You're probably confusing my game with another person's. Or my game was being hosted without my consent probably for testing reasons, I will try to get you unbanned, sorry for the trouble. Ill look into it and thank you for coming to me. Have a nice day :)
can u add me
Add me. (Riku)
Hey can you add me
on MSN?
[email protected]
Lets talk about N:E Source?
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