Naruto: Evolution

by WildStyleProductions
Naruto: Evolution
The destiny is yours...

Wild Style Productions and Evolution Gaming Presents:

( Game permission granted by the original creator of Naruto Evolution & Evolution Gaming ) - Naruto Evolution , a new
original 2D game that's coming to BYOND ! Features such clans as Uchiha , Hyuuga and the
famous Clone Speciallist ! Yeah the info right sound is horribly horrible but check the game for more.

  • An Interesting Community, Ready to start
    drama in the game that won't have you annoyed , leaving you always something to do.

  • Complete Character Creation(CCC), allowing you to create your character with your OWN unique style.

  • Original Progression System, A system to make the game more balanced that no other game we
    know has.
    No more cliche leveling(crazy fast leveling) system, but a system based on passives that'll keep you less focused on training but more
    on the actual game :)
  • And much more!


We are currently trying to improve and bring this game back into the right direction! This game is a v1. If you wish to help us or give off any other constructive criticism, post on the forums.

Also , please visit our Forum<img

Note: This is the Original *OLD* N: Evolution ! Other versions of it is called a Rip!*
<img src=""

*Testing Medals*
When are you going online i think it will be a awsome game
It will be up soon, after the team finishes up with the Clan / Non-clan skill tree and the Village hidden in the mist ^^
Hey, Im waiting for resources to complete downloading no forum? This looks awesome, can't wait to play and greatest of all it came up on my birthday!
Thats great ! :)
This game is great, as its just starting work needs to be done, but i have faith in the owner that it will. Its 100% original so play!
Can you gain the Eight Gates?
@Gokim ->

Yep :)
Is there a chance that a non-Member gets curse seal or tailed beast ?
Yep. A 1/100 chance, Members get 5-10ish/100. We'll boost it soon.
where is the academy anyways
@WindstyleProductions >

Is it possible to gain the tailed beast spirits "without" being born with it?
@Gokim ->

I don't understand, if you mean if you can be born without any demons inside of you.. the answer is: Yes.

Or: No it's not possible.
Hey wildstyleproductions can i pls hav the host files for naruto:gusty ninja m8 i wanna host 24/7
hey wildstyleproductions you should find someone to host 24/7 plz this game rocks and i wanna play
@Ocean112 ->

Sorry mate, only the members of Wild-Style Productions have access to the game source and / or Hostfiles.
@TheShadowKing1 ->

Yep, we are currently looking for a 24/7 Host, we have one atm(At the moment), but he is never online, so Matt(Popo775) is our current host. ASorry if we lags( a lot ) guys !
when will the game be on im waiting oh and can u make a forum on how to get skills like sharingan lvl 2-3 and stuff like that
maybe you can tell me how to get shar 2 now
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