Naruto: Evolution

by WildStyleProductions
Naruto: Evolution
The destiny is yours...
also enternal death is when u shove up ur whole fist up a persons ass like DOoong
Ace have you added the 3 other Tailed Beasts? I need to know what that statue does o.O
ummm when is the game ganna be back on ace?
nooooo i missed it ace plzzzzzz put it back on the game PLZZZZZZZ
Rashid apparently its down because the Host is grounded
y is he grounded
hey when is game
Dear Players.

Due to some problems with our current host, Naruto: The Gutsy Ninja will not be open until we find a new host. Once we do, there will be a P.W(Player Wipe) =(, If you are a 24/7 lagg-less ( Above 85% ) then please post a comment here !

~Wild Style.
i know someone but i need to know if this game is updated :D
@Dwight344 ->

Of course it's updated. v1.03(Newest Version) ^.^
when is game on
Im logged onto byond 24/7 i wont stay on a single game that long though but unless power goes out im logged on 24/7
@Falloutkid39 ->

So does that mean you host 24/7 ? -.-
ok ill get back to you as soon as possible PS first hokage :D
I do host 24/7 if you want me to host tell dwight344 he is the one who told me For more information contact DrkLalo
i found someone thats willing to host right no so you can send the files now if you want
Dear fans of Naruto: The Gutsy Ninja - >

We( Wild Team ) has found a 24/7 , decent laggless host. The premier of Naruto: The Gutsy Ninja v1.03 will be out May 1st at 12:00PM Eastern time !

- > So get on the waiting list !!
He means, 12:00 tonight, for those of you who misunderstood, like myself. Haha
Why does it have to be so late can it be like 12 am plz i want to play today too D:
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