Naruto: Evolution

by WildStyleProductions
Naruto: Evolution
The destiny is yours...

Gutsy will be releasing at 12:00AM today.

Stay tuned and keep on the waiting list !
nooo go back im confused >__. was 12 pm 2 hours ago :(
Yeah , are you guys in Canada or something ? o_o
are u going by this time on the comments ???
good game but when is chunin exam
hey could you help wind style i forgot to save one time so it messed me up and wont let me see my jutsus and i had 2 tailed beasts in me could you wipe me
ugh ralphy dude seriously this game isn't the gutsy ninja aniste is remaking under his hub so in the mean time remove this hub -.-
@Lordvati ->

If you wish to have a player deletion , just click the "Start" button again not the "Load" , or just click "Delete" , lol.
wind each time i make a new one im still the same lvl and skills and i cant buy them because it says i already have them and i cant see them in the techniques thats why i need you to help i asked for aces but it did not work and inner hyper does not know what to do sorry that it's long could you please respond soon it all happened because i did not save so now i can't delete it.
i'm sorry i caused so much trouble and your game is great but sometimes you cant see the skills and stuff so you can't learn them.
Ask host to P.Wipe u . o_o I think ...

I wanna host this game. I can host without lag. Darkshadowkingdom
um i is this rip of Nff it seems like the same description and ive known nffs been out long
yea 1 suggestion about buying other clan it is a little expensive everybody is angry about it if u buy a new clan let it be like 1500 skill points not 5000 O.O
please do it
okay if u won't lagg i will suggest u
and 1 more thingi don't have any uchiha moves and it says that i am hyuuga
Can I get the Eight Gates?
y did i get banned i didnt remake for demon it didnt even let me remake i pressed delete then pressed start and i was at the same levekl and everything so y was i banned i would appreciate if u posted back because i think it was misunderstanding i tryed remaking to try test again the load button didnt work either so next time u couldve talked to me instead of assuming i remade for demons i was gonna try to talk to a gm and ask y wont let me remake and keeps me at the same levl and same skills but u banned me b4 i could
@Angel981995 ->

Sorry there , Possibly one of our staff members thought you were spam remaking for a Jinchuriky . You are now Unbanned .
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