Naruto: Evolution

by WildStyleProductions
Naruto: Evolution
The destiny is yours...
hey wild howcome i cant go to menu i wanna start over but cant plz help
Oo, You have to ask the current host: Cesar(Cesarking) for a P.wipe or message one of the Admins.
when is it coming back on
Soon, they really need a 24/7 laggless host D:
yo i got an idea there should be mangekyou sharingan and sasuuno amaterase and tyskuma (srry for bad spelling) and when u use mangekyou sharingan ur reflexs slow down cuz the pain is very u know PAINFUL sooo yea and i have Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many ideas

reply if u wanna hear more!!!!!!!=D
@Rashid123 ->

I like it, keep it comin' !, You got MSN bud ? :)
why dont u host it wild production i mean u did make
heres another idea for mangekyou sharingan if u get mangekyou sharingan when ur still in ur village u get kakashis if u be a rode ninja u get sasukes and if ur in the akatski u get itachis and hokages can control wild tailed beasts and uchihas if they have dark chakra
wild i want to remake but gm's wont let me i cant but i want to please tell gms to let me remake or something
@The Shadow King1 ->

We'll be right on it, just hold on.
yo wild i got an idea for anbu mabye when the kage makes them anbu or sannin then can teleport ANYWHERE thats awsoeme right? i hope so anyways heres one more there should be a orochimaru clan rply for moreee and add me on msn im out
I can't seem to make character.
When game launches i get black screen and
buttons won't do anything. When i sellect "Black screen" in help option it says i don't have it :/
bcuse we had a reboot, lol
dude i can barely move or do anything im gettin pissed

How can you get the curse seal without being born with it?
hey is it pssible to join a village again i messed up and i want to join a village plz reply thx
@Wildstyleprodutions--> hey wild i have 2 questions #1 can u make me a gm i promise i will not abuse the previlages and #2 when is the game ganna be one also another idea there should be 1000 YEARS OF DEATH
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