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My second year of University is soon coming to and end so i will once again make myself available to the byond community over the summer. Drop me a line if any interesting games are happening or need to some help from a gfx/pixel artist. trying to stay out of the coding game this time as its time and effort consuming.

Here is some of my latest pixel work:

I need buildings and trees and stuff for Baron if you want to do some of them. :)

They need to be an "Olden" style. As the RPG is based in the olden days (Before electricity and crap). :O

Here's a screen shot (Click Me).
Haha you went straight for the opportunity I see, unfortunately I wont be able to start working for another month but than I can devote some time to help if you like.
I'm in no rush, my art work just looks worse and worse the more I see it haha.
i will get with uou later on that subject then
Can you show off some of your abilities as a pixel artist?
Would love to contact you from here and there for pixel art requests for Zombie Survival Online, I guess I'll contact you in a month or so and see if you're interested.
I can post a few bits of pixel work up shortly yeah.
I edited the first post to add a rock golem i just made, firstly to test i can still do it an secondly to prove I'm at least half decent.

I'm very interested in your skills.
well thats nice to know.