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I'm sure most of you, whom like to come onto my Blog and cause problems that have absolutely no relevance to what I'm talking about, and completely bash what I post have noticed, I have completely shut down all of my games. The reason for this is because I've pretty much grown up and find it very lazy, being the only work I can think of at the moment, to not be able to have time to learn DM. However, I am in the process of learning DM, on that side not, I'm also learning C++, CSS, and HTML in College, I'm in College for Game Design, and Web Design & Development. I'm pretty sure a lot of you could understand that persueing these types of Careers is time consuming and I don't really have time to be on here much anymore, I just wanted to let everyone who doesn't like me all that well to know, I AM learning to Program, If any of you has any tips for me, it would be greatly appreciated if you could post them in the comments below. Thank you, and Good Day.