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Journalism Interview: Teka123

Interviewed by EnigmaticGallivanter

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EG: Besides being a major benefactor to BYOND, what other contributions have you made?

Teka123: Unfortunately, despite my efforts i have to say not many, i have made several attempts at creating games(specifically RPG's), i have even worked in a team towards completing that goal, but on all ocations they have failed due to lack of planning or lack of motivation, recently though as becoming a Byond Admin i have put all my efforts into organizing the Byond games and weeding out the rips which i have been doing on a regular daily basis, i have made several mistakes but i try my best to resolve any issues and hope my efforts in this department can help byond.

EG: Do you ever have to deal with complaints from people that claim you have wrongfully judged their games as rips?

Teka123: Oh Very often, It has been quite a difficult job to do because sometimes when i reject a game, i get a lot of abuse and very angry people paging me, the usual argument is that they have put fourth more work in the game than the original or just simply that they will keep altering their game until it's original and beg me for more chances, i try to be very fair and hope people will do their best to comply with requests or things i ask them to change before they even have a second chance, but often i will find that they have just re colored the icons and changed their skins, i have to ask for them to further alter their games, of course theres been several games which have been mislabeled where game sources have been released and upload at a similar time and i struggle to determine who the original creator was, either way mistakes are made and i try my best to resolve the issues no matter how angry or unjustified the people often appear. i'm not perfect and i ask people accept this.

EG: What are your thoughts to this new "sorting process"?

Teka123: I think it is a briliant idea, the idea of this came from the fact that we had far too many rip's on the site, with this we have been able to clean up the clones and rips of games and even show off our best games as featured, with this the anime games are less obvious than they used to be, but there is a tag system as well which show cases all the anime games together which is plain for everyone to see, so hopefully no one is too distressed about anime being supressed, though that was said a lot at the beginning, and we did loose a lot of anime games due to them being Rips, and unfortunatly with this funimation problem it looks like a huge part of the anime games where whiped out. but i believe now byond can do what it was meant for and advertise original games such as rpg which byond caters for best, and many other games which may never have been seen otherwise, in overall i only see that the sorting process has helped byond, and it also allows me to test a lot of games!

EG: Any original games you like?

Teka123: Oh i am really looking forward to Fantasie and Eternia at the moment, i'v had a chance to test Fantasie and it seemed very promising, i also find sunday the 19th to be a very fun game though it borders on a parody with fanbased features, other than that Attamaris is a game i have played a couple of times recently and is constantly getting updated, i'm always on the lookout for new games though.

EG: Does being such a benefactor get you any "bonus" things on BYOND?

Teka123: Well the first thing i got from Byond for be being a top benefactor was a simple thank-you from tom which i later managed to harass him into giving me his aim address, other than that all i recieve was a lot of happy thank-yous some expectant beggars and a feeling that i was helping byond, after donating for a few years and staying the top benefactor i got a lifetime membership this was probably around the 200th byond membership i had purchased, which was a big shock and really made my day, i had continued to donate onwards in the hopes of making people happy and benefacting byond to make it a better place and to pay for Tom's food, around the time of the sites new update i asked tom if i could do anything to help(mainly because i couldn't donate anymore at the time) he offered me the position of helping to list and sort all the games which at this point was hundreds of games to organize, i continued to work my way threw all the games in the pile until it was just a dailly process of a couple of games which were submitted, by becoming a benefactor, meeting tom getting to talk to him and see him occasionally gave me the chance to become a byond admin and help organize the websites games and help the community and website even when i couldn't donate anymore.

EG: How have the financial spendings effected you?

Teka123: Well i could only really afford to spend about $250 a month spare on byond and many times i did that fine, but a lot of times i donated way over that, and i even donated to individual game devlopers to their paypal hoping to encourage them to work on their games and make byond stay a great place with more active games, being a byond benefactor has caused my money situation to get fairly bad frequently and i usually ended up with just enough to get by, it kind of became a habit to just see someone smile by the simple click of a few buttons, know i was doing good and supporting byond, currently from donating to much to byond and other people my money situation has gone rapidly down hill, so i managed to get tom to ban my card and thus i am starting to get through my financial situation, so it's all looking good for now, but i think even after i have rebalanced my bank account i will save up before thinking about re-donating, because i simply don't have enough money compared to how much i wan't to donate, but the future looks good :)

EG: If you plan to re-donate in the future, do you think you'll try to contain yourself a bit more towards the spending?

Teka123: Well yes, Once i can confidently say that i'm comfortable with my money situation i will ask Tom to unblock my card (since i asked him to that to help keep me from falling of the wagon lol) and then i will do my best to try and buy for those who are more deserving rather than so randomly like i have, i will also donate a lot less than before, Considering doing it mainly for events, prizes, production keys, programmers, motivated Byonders and possibly for friends. So i will not jeopardize my self financially again, well unless a friend needs help. Anyway you needn't worry, i will never complain about my money situation again.

EG: We see now you have the Teka Co Chat, although this was provided to you, what do you plan on doing with this client?

Teka123: Well this program was made by El Wookie and because i was active on it fairly often i proposed that he make it for me, which to my delight he accepted, I guess this was to benefit each other, Since now for the first time in 9 years on Byond i have a game (Program) to show for my time here, and El wookie got some easy publicity since i managed to bend a lot of arms to come and see the chat client. I go on it every other day, and i prefer using it to talk with the Byond community since i find the pager fairly slow, Though i do try to keep in contact with most of the people i know via the pager. But this chat client is much easier, and for a change i can have a say at what get's done to it!, Anyway there will be a lot more updates which are currently being worked on, I hope to have a section where i can create my own room get specific people onto the client then invite them to my room with Logged conversations(which would be stated for reference) so that i can use it discuss Byond games as well specifically when two people claim the other person ripped their game from them, It can be very hard to find the truth dealing with two people via the pager.

EG: What are some of your favorite "BYOND Hangouts"? This can be a game, a blog, or a forum.

Teka123: Well in terms of games, I'm not much of a game player but a talker and watcher, I tended to use chat rooms and Dbz type games which had plenty of places to hang around and also i like anime, there was a long time where i would regularly go on chatters but every time i did i found myself buying a membership for nearly everyone on it who didn't have a membership, Currently now i have my Teka Co Chat which i use regularly, I don't really hang around Blogs though i do look out for posts from Tiberath but besides that, i do live in the slush pile (game judgment section), and Damn i as i'm not a programmer i rarely find a use for many of the forums unless in relevance to asking something. Ah yes i'd like to let people know - I Cannot Program.

EG: Although I know, can we inform the community is Teka means anything special, or where you got the name from?

Teka123: Teka is the cheesiest name creation ever, I'm very happy that i made it and that it stuck and i loved it the moment i used it, But it was simply made when i was either 14 or 15 at school in an English lesson where we had to make our own fantasy story, and at that point i had been reading Lord of the Rings, I have no memory or details about how the story went or anything but the Title was simply : The Elven King Avrian, and thus became Teka. Though i'm not sure how you know this.

EG: When you're not hanging around BYOND, what are you doing?

Teka123: Well for the past 6 years i have worked at the same company Elliot Hire, The industry i am in is Portable Buildings, which is basically transportable buildings which are hired by construction company's so that they have utilities on site to use such as canteens, drying rooms, showers, offices, toilets, sleeping areas, self contained buildings, My job as well as around 10 other people is to build the unit to the spec required by the costumer which we get a layout drawing similar to a blueprint of the overview, such as where the toilets need to be fitted the walls, the showers, the sinks, the drying benches, if we need to cut in new windows or fit or blank of doors etc so that it is what they required, then we have to wash out the portable building to a good as new standard and paint the outside to the company's colors, I work from 7am - 5pm Monday to Friday and at the moment 7am - 1pm on a Saturday , after that i often go down the pub to see if i have any mates left, and there's usually one or two there at least, I've been single for over half a year now, so .. that's really helping with my money situation! and besides getting dragged to the occasional gig or going round a mates house, life's busy with Byond in it, Once my money situation settles i'll stop working on Saturdays and do a little less work since i'm actually doing 1 hour overtime every day.

EG: What are some of your hobbies or interests?

Teka123: My hobbies would really consist of boxing, tennis, fishing, the pub and giving money to charity's, friends and Byond lol. Well i regularly do exercise and i have a punch bag, which i enjoy giving it a whack, though this doesn't really class as boxing, and i used to regularly play tennis down the sport center till about a year ago, not it's a summer thing, I don't enjoy watching it much though, but i loved playing the game, fishings something i always did with my dad and we still do it a couple of times a year, the pubs is a regular habit and interest, and giving money when i have spare always feels like the right thing to do.

EG: Do you have any words of advice or general sayings towards the BYOND community?

Teka123: The Byond community may be chaotic, trollish and other things sometimes, but theres a lot of good guys in it as well, i have really enjoyed my time here and the friends i have made, I do hope no one follows my steps by trying to help Byond to an extreme they make themselves suffer, Whatever you do, don't retaliate to a troll and enjoy Byond as well as you can while you stay here.

EG: When you first posted about your financial situation, people starting to turn the tables and donate to you, how has this been going?

Teka123: Yes i recieved an amazing $206 :D was very helpfull i've been doing as much overtime as possible and doing my best to save up, it looks like i won't have all the money i need by may, but i'll be able to speak directly to the bank then, and i think they will give me more time since it such short amount required by my deadline, or i will be forced to tell my dad i've given all my money away. -Gulp-

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Lol xD
What is some much needed advice you can give to us other members and non members of byond, in regards to behavior and trying to take the similar route you have done?
Oh well, my reply's are long and boring full with grammar errors, typing errors, missed words etc, just like normal lol.

I guess my reply's look a little long and bulky for people to want to read it all.

Sorry peeps, if anything, at least now you know a little about me.. if u had the time to read it.

I'm probably the only non-programmer in the interviewed list, so it's not exactly very interesting :|
It's OK Teka, we still like you for who you are.
I <3 Teka..

I think all of BYOND does. I don't know how you do it bro. I don't have any questions, but I would like to give ya a big pat on the back.

Hope you get back on your feet Teka. Really wish you the best of luck.
People like Teka should appear in the first page with the following comment: The person who has helped the most, and who stills active and acting like the amazing person he was since the beginning.
I had my doubts about you in the past, but you seem sound.

There's still a lot of spelling mistakes though.
Can you please point out the spelling mistakes?
Well it mainlys seems to be riddled with bad grammar, but ok ill have a look threw.

until it's original and beg me for more chance. - needs an (s) on the end.

but often i will find that they have jsut re colored - what exactly does *jsut* mean?

with this the aniem games are less obvious than they used to be, - aniem doesn't seem right.

so hopefully no one is to distressed about anime being supressed, - i believe that should be a too

thoguh that was said a lot at the beggining, and we did loose a lot of aniem games - thoguh, loose? aniem.

it looks like a huge part of the aniem games where whiped out - does Teka know how to spell anime?

Attamaris is a game i have played a couple of times recently and is constantly gettign updated, - gettign?

other than that all i recieve was a lot of happy thankyous - past tense should be recieved.

around the time of the sites new update i asked tom if i could do anythign to help - anythign!

by becoming a benefactor meetign tom getting to talk to him - by becoming a benefactor(,) meetin(g) tom getting to talk to him

so it's all looking good for now, but i think even after i have reblanaced my bank account - rebalanced maybe?

i simply don't have enough money comapred to how much i wan't to donate - compred?

i probably missed some, kinda got lazy half way threw...
Apparently my spell checker isn't as great as it was before... I thought I fixed the majority of his spelling issues, apparently not.
Was enjoyable to read. :)
Can there be an update interview if there hasn't been one already? I want to know if Teka managed to get his expenses under control. I don't mind if its short or any, I found this article (despite being late) really intriguing and entertaining.

PeleTheFireDeity wrote:
Can there be an update interview if there hasn't been one already? I want to know if Teka managed to get his expenses under control. I don't mind if its short or any, I found this article (despite being late) really intriguing and entertaining.

I will do follow ups eventually for certain people. But, I talk to Teka from time to time. He still has some expense issues but he is working on them. As far as I know they're not as bad as before.