Bleach Online (RP)

by Obsidian Gaming
Bleach Online (RP)
A completely unique role playing game.
How do i play/get in the game?
Download the BYOND client, then just go to the Overview tab and click Play.
Another good game...with an owner who either doesn't know what he's doing, or is trying to "help" it, but ultimately hurting it.1 person is online right now...and she's afk working on the shell.Sad.
It's funny how you post this after I have JUST switched shell servers so that all of our players who have the old IP have to revisit the hub to get the new.

You're certainly intelligent. Do some research.
Hushido is an awesome dude. You're just too ignorant and arrogant to get to know him. Go get a life, Wannabe "Vongola Primo".
Hishido is a awesome guy and he knows what he is doing. Just because a few thinqs happen doesn't mean squat. I feel your just a hater lol but I see where your from but he isn't just some owner who just blah blah blah...

I did all the programming and pixel art for this game MYSELF. I created this game MYSELF, on my own. I am busy with work irl, and my life doesn't revolve around BOR.
Yo Hishido tlk to me on msn
must say this is a nice game... very fun!
Hishido considering you did this game yourself would you be willing to help me with a game i would like to create..... if you would help plz email me [email protected]

if you are to busy i understand
Just needed to stop by and let you know that I won't be on BOR until sunday, internet billing problems.

~Sharaku(Moderator/Shinji Figure)
come to Naruto New Dawn for a cool game.
Stop advertising, noob.

RR05 alt wrote:
come to Naruto New Dawn for a cool game.

...Good job, RR05 guy. You just earned yourself a ban from Naruto New Dawn. Let this be an example. Do not advertise for games on other games.

By the way, I mean a ban when it's actually being worked on actively and has players.
question how do i roleplay :P
When is next wipe?
when is it coming back up?
Hello everyone,

Recently my internet was shut down (a month too early) because I moved to another apartment. As such I haven't been able to do anything with BOR in that time. This has caused me some distress, because I knew there was a bug that caused the shell to crash. The bug has been fixed.

I cannot host BOR anymore, however. Until I speak with Jade, I'm not sure we have a shell anymore (She changed the password). So, if anyone would like to donate a shell so that I can put the game back up, let me know.

E-mail : [email protected]
MSN : [email protected]

I'll be on a lot from now on.

(Owner of BOR)
Emailing me does you a lot more good than posting here, Hishi-love.

The password was changed by fear of... well, I'll explain that in MSN.
We're wiping once we get all the figure applications done, so go apply :D
Im rejoining the game, though I doubt I'll remain staff.
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