Bleach Online (RP)

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Bleach Online (RP)
A completely unique role playing game.
Trolololo that was like my.. Very Very first wipe ever and i didnt play* RP games dat much ^_^.
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Avainer1 wrote:
I bossed out HU1. Not Hu2! I was one of them amaozing Ezers. ALso, who is spectra? New stalker?...

Check DU hub, your on like every page when they yell "ABUSE".
Falcon lazorz wrote:
Why did the game go down =(? It was completely without warning pfbtbfbfbf!

Looking into it.
game be dwonz

I'm 99% sure that Spectra took the game down, as my shell privileges have been rescinded. Now, you guys have a choice. I can put the game back on Avainer's shell, but that means that we have to wipe as I can't get the savefiles back from Spectra's shell. Or, I can keep the game down until the 28th, which would've been when the wipe would have ended anyway. I'm leaving the choice up to you guys ;)

Kind Regards
Why has Spectra done this, again?
Lmao, copy paste:
Due to a recent amount of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) and/or DoS (Denial of Service) attacks, your server have been temporary suspended.
lol.... ^_^
Falcon lazorz wrote:

+1 if youre still going with this >-<
Tbh as far as that wipe went it was one of the best we'd had for a long time. Personally I would rather wait a few days to see if anything changes with Spec's shell and if not, then wipe.
According to Spectra, his shell was terminated and it's not possible to get the save files back. This, in effect, means that we have to wipe. I'm putting the game back up on Avainer's shell, and all Figure positions are open once more. I really apologize for this - it was completely out of my control.
Not a problem, Hishidooooo ^_^ by: Bind Teh Ninja.
I'll put BOR back up asap. Expect a different link. My first shell has expired, as I am looking for my second one's info. Don't worry, I have the saves backed up.
Sooooo why is BO:R down again? <3
Bleach Odyssey - Roleplay will be relaunching soon. A completely fresh start. I'm dusting off some of the rough edges of the game to bring in some new RP elements. I'm redoing leveling, adding soft caps, and removing the level cap. I hope you guys are missing the game as much as I am, and I am sorry for my behavior towards it over the past few months. Nevertheless, when it comes back, expect daily updates, and a much more pleasant attitude from me.

Kind Regards,
I don't get it on the main HUB legal action may be taken if you take icons. The icons are from BSOC, with some different pixels here and there. You can tell where they truly came from.
If you don't already have someone working on it, I'd love if I were given the chance to fix the icons. I'm not really good at making them, but it seems that more than half of them were made for a completely different base, or just wrong. And that much, I'm able to fix on my own.
In response to Masterdarwin88
my apologies, my friend borrowed my account and made some nasty comments around other games as well , i apologize for that comment have a good day.

First of all, 95% of icons in game are 100% original, drawn by myself.

The icons that are from BSOC are the hair icons. The Shikai/Bankai/Res icons are from BLN. The reason for this is because it is an RP game. It could've been text based for all a role player is concerned.

The icons the hub refers to are the original icons in the game.
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