Bleach Online (RP)

by Obsidian Gaming
Bleach Online (RP)
A completely unique role playing game.
Bleach Online (RP)

New Changes:

Perk-Based RP
Longer wipes
Higher customizability
RP Logs
Stamina Fighting System


Bleach Online - Roleplay is a fan-made game dedicated to the anime series created by Kubo Tite, Bleach.

Bleach Online - Roleplay does not claim to be the creator of the Bleach manga or anime series. We had absolutely no part in any creation of the series, and are just dedicated fans of this series who have taken their time to create this game. Although we did not create the Bleach series, we did create this game to be as original as possible. We ask that you respect the originality of our work, and not take anything without expressed written permission by the owners.

Bleach Online - Roleplay and all of its original content and images are the sole property of their creators.

By not agreeing to these terms, you can not threaten Bleach Online - Roleplay or any company hosting and storing any files related with Bleach Online - Roleplay with legal action. You also may not prosecute any person(s) affiliated with Bleach Online - Roleplay including, but not limited to, family, friends or individuals who maintain or visit the game.

Donations to Bleach Online - Roleplay are made on your own will, and will under no circumstance be refunded after the first 24 hours upon receiving them. Donations are to help the game support its shell server and keep it online.

No original work may be taken from Bleach Online - Roleplay and used on another game without the written permission from the owner. This is under protection by the US Copyright law :

"The author of a work is the initial owner of the copyright in it, and may exploit the work himself or transfer some or all the rights conferred by the copyright to others.[19] The author generally is the person who conceives of the copyrightable expression and fixes it or causes it to be fixed in a tangible form."

Legal action WILL be taken to anyone who uses the icons without the written permission from the owner.

Disclaimer partially taken from :
In my opinion, Bleach Odyssey - Roleplay is superior to other fan-made anime RP games. Its leveling system lets those players that are truly good at roleplaying thrive over those who have mass amounts of time on their hands, and can just kill NPCs for experience. Those players who are fair and have a good vision for the round are awarded with main roles. From what I've seen all the roles are just. Its interface is easy to understand as well. I've only been with this game for a short time but I've grown to like it, it has a good flow to it. Keep up the good work, Obsidian Gaming. Scincerely, Bokoa / Sai
I also love the game. Good Luck, Hishido~
I wanted to leave a notice that I will not be online until next sunday or monday at the latest. I am sorry for the bad news, Hishido.

~Sharaku Shuzan(Moderator)
Brainiac5 wrote:
this game sucks some dumb bitched kicked me for wanting to fight it....then blocked me in and that fat cow wouln't move fuck this game

How. Hard.
Host it pls =P
When it comes to Graphics and Gameplay this game is top notch, but its major flaw is a good majority of its staff, who tends to be rather prejudice in there use of time and attention. There frequent staff wipes keep this down to a minimum but its still a unrare occurance. This Biased point of view also effects there CHOOSING of moderaters and administrators. And although im SURE this comment will be waterd down with tons of reply's protecting its staff and what not, my point is, if your looking for a fun RP game with OK staff and gameplay this is the game for you! but dont be suprised if you get ignored....alot.
YES YES YES! thats exactly what happened to me! I played BOR for a little while and the graphics nd stuff kept me coming back day after day, but after a while i started notcing that more and more of my rp's werent getting rewarded, at first i thought that i just wasnt doing good enough, so i started doing some better ones, but then i started to notice that only CERTAIN people were getting rewards, more specifically people that were all cosy with the moderaters. WHATS UP WIF DAT SHIT! Mabey if a certain MAXDAX would spend less time playing Minecraft on duty and more time actually picking out some better admins then BOR's player base wouldnt be so flinchy.
I'll work to fix this as soon as possible. The thing is, staff don't want to reward every role play because if we did, a lot of people would cap on day 1 of the wipe.

However, I do agree that the moderators are slacking off, and I will deal with them soon.

Edit : The level cap thing has been removed. We're now gradually raising the cap during the wipe.
Im glad I, the person who ends up doing a ton of awards along with Nier, and the few staff members that reward are being told that we don't reward people except our friends. Funny, I seem to remember looking into the RP Spy and rewarding anyone who did at least 6 lines of Role play per RP Post. If you're telling me that I'm being prejudice, then perhaps I should inform you that 28 players to one Moderator is a bit unfair. Also, how would YOU know who I'm rewarding?

Edit: You don't.
Wheres' da game?! >:( back up plox :)
when the game come back?
The shell expired. Unless someone can provide us with one, the game will stay offline until I get the required money to purchase another one.

Sorry for the inconvenience. If you want to purchase a shell for us, please contact me at [email protected]
PUT it upalready
How much is shell server?
What he said.
Shells can be found at Prices can be found there as well.
cant you have someone manual host?
if you need the best host email [email protected] he will set you up with the best host
Hishido. Contact me on MSN... [email protected] Or contact my brother's email. At [email protected] We will set ya up with a shell ^_^
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