Bleach Online (RP)

by Obsidian Gaming
Bleach Online (RP)
A completely unique role playing game.
Why does the game continuesly go down randomly?
why did the game go down o.o??
yo am i banned or somthing like i was just typing a rp got DC and now i cant come back why.
Clicking > Load game = Nothing happens.
Clicking > New game = Nothing happens.

< Cant play it anymore and dont know why.
Wow! I can't play anymore RAGGEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEME JOIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bleach Odyssey Roleplay will be down until Bleach Odyssey 2 releases. Please be patient.
Has Hishi told anyone when BOR 2 will release, he only said vaguely Dec/Jan
Bleach Odyssey 2 will be releasing sometime in December or January.
Where is BOR at now? We the fan are still waiting on the release date.
Sorry for the lack of feedback. I've been busy IRL (Star Wars - The Old Republic released) so development on BOR 2 is on a bit of a break. I'm nearly done mapping Soul Society.

However unfortunate and yet also fortunate, I have moved, and thus the shell has too. It has not been set up yet, and will not be able to be set up until next week or so. Due to complications, I had to move this date back another week because I will be in NC for another few days or so before I go home to GA.
I think it's next week or so, as you so greatly put it. :O
Made a story on the forums, feel free to read and comment on it while we wait for BOR to get back up:

And please don't delete this if you can help it. >.<
I wouldn't mind buying a shell server for the game as a temp solution for now but~~ I would like to have the host files and you to tell me the required Ram for the game (Normal 256mb RAM). I am willing to buy maximum 1024 Ram.
Ohhhh man!!!When this game isn't on it's like Hell on Earth for me.I tried to find some cool games not only on BYOND but nothing intersting found.Hope it will come back soon ^_^
depending on the bandwidth requirements i can offer you to host on any of my servers , i own a server farm of about 10 servers on 3 geographical locations , let me know the requirements(if specs of the server have to be high the canadian one is going to be youre best option the downside is that it only has a 2 mbit upload if bandwidth is a concern i have a 100 mbit upload but max ram usage of 512mb max 1 cpu core and max 20gb hdd for you in the netherlands , the specs on the canadian one can be asigned any way you want , you will have full root or administrator acces and you can choose which os you want to use yourself , note that you will be responsible for uploading the files yourself and the same goes for the administration , i only supply hardware and bandwidth and the OS)
I wonder when this game will come back...
Hishido said he were too busy to deal with BOR right, therefore he didn't want to give me the host file~~

Let's hope that he will have time for it soon.
Too busy?Man Easter holiday came,well at least in my country.Hishido will have time.I hope he will finish the BOR before the Easter holiday ends.
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