Egads, what happened to my plans to make this column easier?  You guys have been busy these past two weeks.  I cut out most games that lacked their own announcements and this post still runs long.  Perhaps I should start filtering out more unreleased games.  Fortunately, other writers might be picking up the slack. =)

Within BYOND

Forum_account updated his digging platformer A Miner Adventure with bug fixes, elevator call buttons and server status updates.  However, his current focus is on his sidescrolling action RPG Tiny Heroes (with RTS, spaceship mission and RPG projects on the backburner).  Forum_account also updated his Sidescroller library and released a Region library which can help overlap territories in the map editor.

I've been debating whether to include links to minor blurbs on the Facebook page.  I'll probably get proactive just to have more varied content, but stretching the details of featured game updates into dedicated posts would likely be appreciated. =)

Silk Games released a new version of their retro MORPG NEStalgia with minor fixes and the expectation that players will download the latest release of BYOND.  The next day, the second episode of the Official NEStalgia Podcast was uploaded with a player as their special guest.  More recently, SilkWizard offered his take on what developers can learn from NEStalgia's success...  Like how to earn $10,000 in three weeks with a few warmup emails. ;)

SuperAntx is looking for a pixel artist to help create levels for the featured team-based action game Decadence.  It is a paid position with unique art assets expected for each map.  Experience with level design is a plus.

While I've been cutting back on columns, DungeonDan has offered his own.  The What's New Review offers quick reviews of recent releases and interviews with developers.  The second installment quizzed KhaosParadox on the inner workings of Eternia.  The third discussed Suukou Faita with Branks and Lige.  Check the column out while you speculate about the future of DungeonDan's monkey platformer.

Not to be outdone, EnigmaticGallivanter has revived BYOND Journalism by interviewing BYOND benefactor and game list maintainer Teka123...  The same noble soul who chose to belittle this column on my own blog as my head throbbed in pain.  Brat. ;)

Jotdaniel has released and updated an action game called Jetpack Adventure.  Players are tasked with navigating tunnels without touching the floors or ceilings.  Disagreeing with the physics, SuperAntx responded with the release of Jetpack Jerry.  Honestly, I find discovering the quirks of movement to be the entire point of games like this.

Camdev's fantasy tabletop strategy Voxles has been updated at least twice with interface improvements, medals, new units and more.  Meanwhile, he has responded to feedback.  Hopefully the details will be more clear when the tutorial video arrives.

National Guardsman has provided a content patch for his MORPG Perdita.  Multiple screenshots are provided.  An effort has been made to improve the core systems and Terulia Relay Chat has been integrated.  National Guardsman is currently searching for a pixel artist.

The Magic Man added a practice mode to Block Miners to help lone players learn the RTS game's controls .  He also uploaded the turn-based battle W-BAT for others to host.  Meanwhile, War of Heroes has been updated twice with fixes and balance tweaks.  His next project is planned as a sidescrolling PVP game.

El Wookie has been on a roll with multiple releases including a currently unavailable Server Manager that he plans to offer subscriptions for.  He, Madpeter and IMD have been making some progress on an RPG now titled Dark Curse.  They're currently looking for a second pixel artist.

Magicbeast20 has updated his wave-based zombie shooter, Quarantine.  Bugs were fixed and the interface was improved.  Meanwhile, an original background track by Eksadus was added.  He's offering them for inexpensive prices so developers may want to buy their own.

Asielen has updated the multiplayer action title Snow War.  The help file has been improved and the interface underwent some changes.  Whether or not enough feedback is provided to meet the "fun" and "goodness" quality the game inspired will likely require more people for testing.

Kudos to those who have been responding to recent events by making the switch to original IP!

Good luck to all! =)

AnthonyHawkina is working on a beta version of the freeform roleplaying game RP Unlimited.  The next release will contain bug fixes, improved administration tools and refined NPC options.  A poll is being held regarding the interface.

Acebloke is planning to soon release an update for his collection of chess variants, Law of the Board.  Drops inspired by Shogi and a river/palace system inspired by Xiangqi are on the way.

Aaiko has offered a preview of his untitled tower defense game with screenshots of placeholder art.  The theme is still in the air.  A form of fungai fantasy was on the table, but it is unknown whether the game has a steady artist.

KhaosParadox has been seeking both advice and a programmer for the MORPG Eternia.  The project was originally designed as an outlet for creative writing.  However, it became part of a college project to create a money-making business within a year.  A prequel with a smaller scope will now be released.  I wish the team well.

Fighting illness, Duelmaster409 has posted more details on the open world RPG Fantasie.  The emphasis will be on freedom of choice with rules enforced by NPCs rather than the staff.  The basics of AI have been completed along with the combat.  The team is currently looking for additional pixel artists.

Makeii has redesigned the class system for the upcoming action RPG Magus Aora - Edreoll.  The result could allow more hybrid variants and be easier on Makeii's end.  Various editors are being created to work with the game's custom formats.

Fugsnarf posted details of a Twilight Herald demo that unfortunately has yet to appear.  Doing battle inside an isometric world with smooth movement, players can expect to take turns with real-time actions while their opponents are frozen.  Progress has been slow, but continuing.

Congratulations to PopLava on the return of Resource Center.  The utility had been suffering crashes from an undetermined cause, but appears to be doing better after purging accounts that have been inactive for 90+ days.

Beyond BYOND

  • The 20th Ludum Dare begins on April 30th in Cambridge, UK.  Developers will each have 48 hours to create a game based on the same theme while working alone.
  • The results of the 2011 7DRL have been posted at Temple of the Roguelike.  Forty-six entries were completed this year.
  • More lectures from GDC is being made available.  Recent releases from GDC Vault included Andy Schatz' How to Win the IGF in 15 Weeks or Less.  If you're not afraid of colorful language, Ian Bogost posted his own talk from the rant panel.
  • Want more license problems?  Bombergames was forced to pull its Streets of Rage Remake after the press of its release brought it to the attention of SEGA.  The project was in development for over eight years.
  • I have quite a few interviews bookmarked:
    • Jonathan Blow (Braid), Chris Hecker (Spy Party) and Markus Persson (MineCraft) all appeared on Episode 503 of Bonus Round.
    • Matthew Annal discussed Nitrome on Quote Unquote.
    • On Gamasutra, Mike Zaimont of Reverge Labs described the differences of the Western fighting game Skullgirls.
    • Also on Gamasutra, lead designer Takashi Tokita spoke on Final Fantasy IV's creative process and how Square has strayed from its glory days.
    • Scott Nicholson has been providing a series of videos filmed while board games are played at conventions.  All of the players help to give quick interpretations.
  • After struggling to learn how to create MOD music, I found myself lacking a decent selection of samples.  Fortunately, I stumbled on a collection under the Creative Commons Attribution license.  It's part of the One Laptop Per Child project.

And now for something a little different...

Don't settle for a brief mention of activity.  Get games featured!  (Want to review?)

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YAY :D Glad you posted, was another great read.
Currently I'm working on a new follow-up interview with SilkWizard hopefully to be up next week. I am thinking of making this one more NEStalgia based with some other non-NEStalgia questions and maybe separating them into 2 different Q&A's.
I'm still forgotten :(
You bother to feature a Make video about robotics but don't make any mention of the international Robogames, which occured last weekend?

I'll be competing in the next season! :]
Thanks for the mention. Exciting to hear about all the renewed efforts. Things are going well as far as stability is concerned. I'm working on getting the RC officially hosted now. Needs Linux for dummies book though. ;) Only delaying factor is Portal 2 for the moment. :P

Thanks for the mention.
I saw that post about Funimation removing some games, and couldn't comment there so...:

Does Funimation even still own DBZ? Why just DBZ? Don't they own naruto as well?

Sounds like a hater prank to me.
Funimation's most known titles that they own are Dbz, One piece and Fairy tail( there are others) but those games cannot be listed on Byond anymore.