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There you go.
Nice although I would like some changes.1st this box is kinda bugged.2nd Ill get you some pics and would you replace the backround?
Indeed I will and what do you mean it's bugged?
Its kinda too small if you wanna write a comment and ends up lookin weird
Use a pic Like thisExcept without writting and make it look all piraty pls
I don't know what all piraty looks like.
Well a backround with something like the pic I gave you.The icons for like and nay if possible to be smilley skull and sad skull.Still thinkin of ideas though will tell ya when i think of any
Ok well i fixed this box and added a little created by greatfisher to the bottom of this side.
1 more prob with the box.When I go to add comment it just start blinking and its not so easy to catch.Btw can ya edit the pic I gave you to make it without writting and add it into the backround?
I'm looking for a pic that doesn't infringe so many copyrights lol and I don't have that problem with this box so I can't really fix it
Ok its alright.Doesnt bug me that much anyways.
Good look with the pic anyways
Hows the search going?
lol my laptop died so it was on hold
Okay there ya go, i don't know how to edit the yea and nay buttons.
Ok thanks for the help
Is it okay?
Ye it looks fine.I might replace the backround image at some point but for now it stays.It makes me laugh in the good way
I had to use a simple image because I couldn't find one that was big enough to fill the whole site so I needed one that had a 1 colour background.
Its ok for now I will use this anyways.Loving the CSS with the funny skull.rofl
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