Pokemon Phantom Reborn

by Aceraptor
The second game in the Pokemon Phantom Generation.
What happened with game? Will next time the "real" server start hosting?

The game is PERFECT, big LIKE for Pokemon Phantom Reborn!

-_--Shiny Moon--_-
congrats for the new gymleader
I apologize for the server being down, as soon as the VPS starts working, and I have we've fixed the map, It'll be back up. If it's ready before then, we might need a Temporary Host. I will ask people to apply on the Forums if that time comes.

Thank you for your cooperation, and your patience.

@Zimm Its Not Me i cant log in it says connecting failed
The VPS is up and running, connectable, etc, etc. Just need the host files to start hosting again!
Yay for Kyram :D
What happened to the server i cannot get on :(
Hay Ace My laptop broke sooo..i cant play poke phantom reborn sooo...can someone else be 1st gl?
We'll get someone
Oh k
Hey Ace or Black if you see this we need a reboot it is kicking people for no reason and a bunch of people are black-screened.
Fan based games can't use subscriptions
You can't charge players a subscription fee or any type of monetary compensation outside donations for shell servers with games based off anime/manga/another's original idea. Reason is that it's not your own IP, it's the IP of the original creator.

That's why that one bleach game got knocked down for awhile. They started charging subber fees when they don't own the IP.
Why did the game go down i like this game better everyone did
Hey Ace my laptop is fixed,and i tried playing PPR but i couldnt
I cann`t play this game
waht is the problem?
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