In response to Dbzguy245
You were most likely banned for attacking without role-play. Have you read up on role-play at all since then? If not, I advise you do and then I will unban you.
Hey Writing A New One Can i Be UnBanned Plzzzz i Love this Games
Hey Writing A New One Can i Be UnBanned Plzzzz i Love this Games I Really Do And i Was Playing This Game 1 Day And than It Justt banned me, I Was Like Why They Banned Me And Plzzzz PLzzz plzzz unbanned Me plzzzz i Did Not do nothing AT All, Plzzz i love This Game Thx You :D
Writing A New One can you please unban me from your game. I never done anything wrong! Please unban me from your game I cant live without it!!! You game is the best I have played before!! PLEASE UNBAN ME!! IM SO DESPERATE TO PLAY YOUR GAME!!!
Hello everybody! You great people may not know me and i don't know you either. Please excuse me for the interruption but. i'm pretty sure all of you have heard of the game "Eternia Prologue". I have been recently banned by one of the Admins for no reason. It has been 1 day ago since that happened. Anyway the point of this post is to let you know that i have been banned. I am asking very kindly if you do so please un-ban me from Eternia Prologue. It would be a very good pleasure if you'd do that for me. Sorry for interrupting your day. Have a good one! Goodbye! :)
writing A new One can you plzzzzz plzzzz plzzz unbanned me plzzz i can live without it too and i really love this game plzz unbanned plzz i did not do anything at all plzzz unbanned me, thx you :)
Have all of you learned the rules of role-playing since you were banned?
Yes i did
Okay, unbanned.
But i'm not unbanned :( Please unbann me.
Why You Banned Me, What i did
Hey Talk To Me,, Why You Banned Me I Did not do Nothing Really
Because you didn't read the role-play guide, or you didn't understand it. You were using acronyms like "idk" in say without parenthesis. I suggest reading more role-play tutorials.
OK IM SRY :( Can YOu plzzz Unbanned me plzz Im Sry
Hey Can You Unbanned Me Im Sry Really Im Sry :(
PLZZZZZZ Unbanned Plzzz Im Sry :( really
hey I Know you There, Can You Plzz Unbanned me plzzzz just Plzzz And im soo bored in my house and i want to play this game ok Just PLZZZ unbanned me :(
PLZZZZ unbanned Me iM sooo Bored without This game Plzz Unbanned Im sry :{ PLZZZZ
Hey Can You plzzzzzzzz Unbanned plzzz im Sooo bored without this games Plzzzz Unbanned Me Im Sry :(
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