I just saw your post on the Epic: Legend Update thread, saying that you were willing to give a subscription to the game, could you please consider giving it to me? I would love getting one.
Also, you mentioned in your post that anyone who wants a subscription can page you, but unfortunately I'm not a member so I can't page you.

Thanks in advance.
DUDE I NEVER PLAYED THIS GAME BEFORE AND IT ALWAYS DISSAPEARS WHEN THE BLUE BOX LOADS im sorry if im angry but im telling the truth because the blue box appears and nothing happens and when it does work it says im banned so please fix this or im never playing... -_-
i think im banned beacause i asked for help no offense but wtf kind of b/s is that ?? maybe if the admins would answer me i wouldnt keep asking for help... i like the game, but really everyone's attitude on here sucks big donkey balls...
Why the heck you banned me? You banned me for no freagin reason!!!! I haven't played for like 2 years and i wanted to make a comeback and you just ban me? Wtf man thats not cool!! I havent done anything wrong!!!!!!!!! Please just unban me!!!!
idk why i was even banned I just started to play this game at exactly 4:27 p.m. what did I do wrong please tell me
Excuse me I don't mean to sound like the rest but when i try to start up the game it always tells me my connection is lost (i guess that means that i'm banned) i think that this game is really good and stands out from the rest in terms of Teamwork,Sprites, and Game-Mechanics.so i would like to continue playing might you please un-ban me and maybe the rest of them because i'm pretty sure they think the same of your game too.
Please unban me its been 1 month and it said 100 hours
Hello again, but it has been a few months and I wanted to know how the PVP version of this game is coming along?
Was banned about 100 hours have passed a month, on top of being banned by just asking how to enable full screen mode?
Yes i was Banned for 100 hours and still remain unbanned while i was doing quest and also posted a comment asking whey i was banned,it was never answered,i wasn't even asking any question's yet was banned why?and can you look over me being banned i really enjoyed the game.
WOW THIS IS SOOOOO EPIC!!!!!!! As soon as i get unbanned and i FINALLY get to play Eternia when i try create my character the freagin game freezes and goes back to the main screen of the game!!!!!!!! THIS HAS CONSTANTLY HAPPENED FOR LIKE ABOUT A WHOLE HOUR ( and i seriously mean a whole hour) IT NEVER LETS ME FINISH MY CHARACTER!!!!!! IT DOESNT EVEN LET ME FINISH TYPING MY NAME!!!!!! please fix the [email protected] annoying bug!!!!!!!!!
PROBLEM: Ok so guess what, I log in, it goes to the main screen, i click Continue or whatever and the words go away and I'm stuck staring at the background, seeing nothing, please help
Please, tell me what I have to do and I will do it. Money, time, anything to be back on and unbanned. Please, I beg you. I honestly to god beg you, give me one more chance. I'm sorry, I will say it till the day I die. Please, let me back on and play. I will never do this again. Please.
The ban will run out in 14 days.
For the forum and the game or one of them? But either way, thank you. This really is important to me. This has been the best thing that has happened to me. thank you.
me and this other user was RP doing Quest and as soon i finish the Quest kill 10 Yokai i was banned..is this some type of mistake??? i only played it for a good 30-40 minutes first time sitting down and playing it and really do enjoy.
Would that be at July 10th or the week after?
In response to Ultimate Spider-man
Ultimate Spider-man wrote:
I just wanted to come here to apologize to you for my behaviour in your game. The only reason I was playing Eternia was to troll, and I was banned multiple times. What did I do each time? Came back and trolled harder. I'll admit I've done some disgusting things while playing this game, and nothing I say will justify that.

At the time I thought that trolling was so damn hilarious and that it was so much fun to ruin someone else's experience. I've come to realize that it is in fact a horrible thing to do to a person(s), and I'm sorry that I did this while playing Eternia.

Thanks for your time if you've read this. Good luck with future projects and Eternia.
your probally just sayng that so you can troll some more
I just wanted to be sure, would it be at the Wednesday of next week when the ban is done, and is it only for the forums?
What's the key you're banned on, Zanza?
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