ZanzaAnzaru, the others arent important
Anything else you need to know?
Well, you were banned on another key, so I need the names of them, please.
Themanwhowashuman and the7thknight
I only used them because my first one was banned from the forums and I wanted to know what was still happening in the game.
Thank you, for everything good sir and I hope this game becomes bigger and better than before.
Don't forget how much people still care.
How long do I have to wait? It was 14 days or did something happen?
When you said in 14 days, that was the 26 of June and now it's the 14th. What is going on?
Did I do something wrong again?
I have been banned for more than 3-4 weeks. how do i become unbanned!? Key is Super6
It has been 4 weeks since the ban, I was supposed to be unbanned 2 weeks ago at the 10th of July.
I'm an idiot, I'm sorry that I'm not good enough.
I unbanned all of the keys listed a while back. Please page me your IP address and computer ID. and 00359-OEM-8992687-00010
it was hard to find the computer ID
Im not sure if it's right
Windows 7 home premium
My Forum member names are still banned.
I was banned on eternia, i did what it said and Idek what u did...can someone explain?
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