Bleach: Era

by WildStyleProductions
New, Fun, and Original 64x64 Bleach game like no other !
Down due to v1.02 updates and bug fixes . Will be up and running soon!

cant wait
do u know when would it be back online?
Looks cooL!
@Goku87 ->

Well thank you , but the game itself will be cooler ;) .
Is it going to be RP or PvP?
@Abadya123 ->

Sort of in the middle .
I can help you with the hub ?
It better be pvp
When its gonna be ready to play or the beta test cus i wanna try it :P
Soon , but the wait will be worth it ;).
I'm a very good iconner myself and I'd be glad to help if needed
im also an iconer that is looking to help out, again "if needed" T-T if you would like to check me out [not in that way] just add me on msn if you have one
[email protected]
i wish to help create this game
hmu at [email protected]
Hello this game is being remade we have lost the source and will be in need of icconers/Pixel artist i have added the ones that have posted emails here if anyone else is interested reply to this post or add [email protected] make sure and have past work ready thanks
so, masterralphy is the genious behind this game. make an updatepost about the game, tell about the creators and stuff. wanna know more !

Will do, but all I can tell you right now is progress is going fantastic! Release is unknown but will be out soon!
I would like to test this game for you guys when it is up for testing. thank you and i would like to ask if you know how long it will take till it goes up
This is just a question, but how will the Zanpakuto system work? Shikai, Bankai, ect?
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