Spirit Age

by Chris Gayle
Spirit Age
An amazing action adventure game in a fantasy world on mystical islands
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Our first post of the year. This is a big one.

For those of you who don't know exactly what spirit age is, here is the game's description in a nutshell. Spirit Age is a action RPG mixed in with Sandbox elements and is set in a fictional world called 'Victoria.' game play is inspired by handheld Zelda games making use of tight control schemes and interesting environments. Some features includes:

Open character development: Create unique characters with few rules. Meaning you can make the character of your dreams without the annoyances of class restrictions.

Non-level based player progression: In spirit age levels are not used to calculate the strength of your character rather how long you've been playing. Stats are gained through playing the game. Meaning the more you use something the better you get at it. There are no hassles of stat distributing that force specific 'builds' onto players.

Dynamic events: Inspired by Guild Wars 2, Dynamic events generate content when certain conditions are met. This is found to be a lot more fulfilling than developer made content, such as predefined quests are no longer the center of attention for gaining items and XP.

and many other features.

During the course of approximately two months we've been slaving away at adding content to the game. You may of noticed a server that was being hosted than ran for a week. unfortunately for those who actually keep up to date with the game's progress, this server was set to private as we tested some content, fix some bugs and evaluated network performance. hopefully; and I do stress hopefully, with the addition of the flash client we'd be able to remove Dream seeker's extreme usage of memory out of the equation which we expect would improve performance.

The game finally has some sound implemented which makes the game so much more enjoyable. The sound files that we have acquired are free resources. I spent a couple hours browsing the net for every free sound resource that fit the RPG genre i could find and afterwards spent another three(3) hours sorting each individual sound. A painstaking process, but worth it. Unlike art, sound has the potential to completely ruin a game.

On a side note, during the summer of last year, we acquired a new member of the team; a composer. during his brief stay with us, he created a single track for us. you can listen to it here:
https://soundcloud.com/rashadjrolle/ 120618-main-menu-theme-1/s-eDf5H

Here is a game play video of the current build. which is sped up a little.

As I mentioned earlier the framework engine for the game is complete and all we're doing at this point is adding more content. but there are still some minor problems which can be seen in the video such as the icon glitches.

On another Note spirit Age has been confirmed to be apart of the beta group for testing the flash client so you can look forward to that as well.

We also expect the game to be publicly available within the next 6 months.

Some bug fixes
*fixed an error in the programming which made navigating shop UI horrendously unstable.

*fixed a bug that caused projectiles to be stuck in place

*Fixed an icon glitch when a hairstyle is selected which would make the player invisible.

A problem that still persists since the beginning is during the base's walk cycle there are frequent "frame skipping" insight on this would be helpful.

Expect a lot more in the future! Thank you for your support in the game.

So thats what a game is suppose to look like.
Good So far, I'm glad you are adding some elements from Guild Wars 2. My past teams never played Guild Wars 2 so they hated the ideas from it , lol. Also love tha music :3
Nice work and I like the new hud looks very nice. Game is beautiful and can't wait to try the newer version! (Just hope the lag is gone.)
In response to ImmeasurableHate
You'll get lag with anything online, one issue I had with this game was the walking it was terribly slow and jittery.
In response to A.T.H.K
A.T.H.K wrote:
walking it was terribly slow and jittery.

Thats what I thought the lag was
yeah we're not 100% sure how it performs at this point since the most recent play test consisted of less than five people at once and the game ran as it should. One thing we do know is that the game is unplayable on low end machines when hosted.(which is my case. I have a horribly crappy development rig)

hopefully the game will play as it should once we go live.
Sucks cause I have a netbook LOL.

Off Topic: Zane I have been trying to contact you to get a hold of your free resource icons?
Off Topic: When i play this game i don't get lags o_O?
Still hope whatever is lagging will get fixed so there will be a lot of people playing :D.
Awesome :D
It's looking good. Glad to see you're making progress.
She is beautiful.
I've noticed that running my sever on linux with web services running at the same time will cause quite a lot of jitter when things are processing (like site stats, for example). Its important to take note of the priority levels of your applications in your machine that you're hosting with as well as the up speed you're dealing with.
I would put my genitals into this game's sacred places.
This game is one the
best games i've seen on BYOND,I can't wait for it to come out
Woot! Been waiting for this game to come out. I can't wait. :3
Mm, this looks really good and the fact that it isn't a tile based game makes the whole thing flow together much more better. I'm glad you guys found a great composer for the game and hope things go swell.
A shame I can't test this due to selective beta. I would do anything to try out this game, as it looks brilliantly made.
Wait, Ishuri has something to do with this game? The same Ishuri that was also in Megaman Wars ?
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