Yup, long again.  With yet another introduction wasting time on the subject.  Perhaps I should write portions of this column during the week and merely tie it together on Thursdays.  Developing the habit might be better in the long run than dedicating an entire day.  Or, you know, commenting on something that makes no difference to you anyway. ;)

So...  Anyone else enjoying Tiger & Bunny?

Within BYOND

Looking forward to new network profiling tools, SuperAntx is planning to improve the experience of the team-based action game Decadence.  In the meantime, yearly subscription prices have been bumped down to $5.  (Lifetime subscriptions are still available.)  Those who paid a premium when the game was first released can expect "something special".

SuperAntx has also announced an alliance with WritingANewOne (aka: KhaosParadox) to develop the RPG Eternia: Prologue.

To celebrate Easter, the NEStalgia team held both an in-game event and a sale.  Non-subscribers even had access to pay features.

Unfortunately, I was late to catch wind of the initial announcement.  I was again late for the event's extension.  I was therefore unable to place the umpteenth NEStalgia link on Facebook and provoke the ire of those too apathetic to submit more games.

(Thank you to those whose games I reviewed last week.  Submit as many times as you require.)

In circular inspiration from Stephen001, IainPeregrine has once again challenged people to Get Something Done.  Those desiring such an excuse are advised to choose a project, announce their terms of success and accomplish their goal before June 1st.

ShadeCyberPlatinum has released and updated Internal Ark.  It's a mouse-driven action game.  Players are hackers tasked with eliminating viruses while avoiding enemy fire and obstacles.  I suggest removing the spam and limiting upgrade purchases to times when items are affordable, but overall it looks like some simple actions turned into a nifty game.  Check it out. =)

Those with health issues related to flashing colors are advised to look elsewhere.

Kyle ZX released an apocalypse survivor game called Bio Anomaly.  He updated it with things to kill.  He updated it again with improved graphics...  Then he had an epiphany and decided to redesign the whole thing.  The release of his Block Pushing library makes me believe he's channeling Sisyphus. ;)

Acebloke uploaded two updates for his civilization-builder Wargames 2.  Along with bug fixes, interface tweaks and balance changes, barbarian AI has been improved and a new government type has been made available as research.

Another update was released for the military/economic sim prequel, (Retro) Wargames.  Help files have been improved, the interface has been tweaked and the employment rate has been linked to income.

Acebloke commented, "Just to confirm, hosting games of mine that suck/break is often a good way of pushing me to fix it in order to save face."

Back in December, Vexonator announced that the final version of Surreal Dreams would be released before the end of 2010.  The tactical fantasy did not receive the update until March.  By that time, not even Vexonator could remember what the changes were.

But forget that whimpering end!  The purchase of some sound hardware motivated Vexonator to release another version with updated effects.  Does this mean there's life in Kunark's BYOND classic yet?

Ganing has released multiple updates for his graphical sports MUD Martial Arts with the next scheduled for the 14th.  Traveling between countries, players can now learn more fighting styles.  More weapons, new styles and some interface improvements are on the way.

Apologizing for the slow progress, Jittai has posted development details of his survival game Stranded.  Plant life can now be chopped/foraged.  Players can now improve their athletics, tame NPCs and craft items of limited durability.

The Magic Man announced the start and progress of an an untitled JRPG using freeware graphics.  The engine is described as fairly complex with lots of strategy.  However, there doesn't appear to be much content yet.

I use free resources myself.  Having delayed the feature status of EGUY's Deus Rex, I'd like to remind developers that posting links may help avoid unnecessary questions of license. =)

On behalf of the Twilight Herald team, Zane444 posted a progress report with mockups containing his artwork.  It's isometric and pretty.  They're still looking for another pixel artist to who can produce results... as opposed to getting lynched for unreleased demos. ;)

Deciding to revisit the platform genre with his Get Something Done entry, DivineTraveller has announced the Doomed Dreams sequel Warped Dreams.  In addition to the standard sidescrolling and jumping, the game will make use of warp portals.  Google docs and a demo are available.

Those who recognize the temporary art might also be interested in knowing that Forum_account has updated his Sidescroller library with camera control and more.  (Pixel Movement has been updated as well.)

Also in the spirit of Get Something Done, Squeaky Reaper has announced a procedural island generation project that will produce, save and load various biomes.  It's presumably intended to provide infinite resources for a game merging exploration, building, roleplay and combat.

Around the end of March, Syntty announced an untitled building/combat MORPG where players compete for top billing.  More recently, Syntty accused himself of laziness and posted a screenshot with news that the login and inventory systems were complete.

I'm even more of a sucker for procedural generation than I am for screenshots.  I'll bite, Oasiscircle and D4RK3 54B3R.  Now deliver!

...Sort of like Zaltron did with the release of the source for his 3D drawing tool.  It might be more convenient as a hub-installed demo or library, but it's so pretty!

I've announced MeanderGall as my Get Something Done project.  It's sort of a scavenger hunt with combat.  It uses my procedural generation libraries to create rooms, arrange them into a grid and give each player their own maze through that grid.  Lately, I've been redesigning the battle mechanics.

If you're tired of getting links from me, there are others.  Well, sometimes.  Okay, there's one other source and some on hiatus.

  • Zewo has begun a new column called BYOND Statistics.  Elsewhere, he's planning a squad-based action title with a horror/science fiction theme called Extinction.
  • After running a poll for his Game of the Week, DungeonDan appears to be creating a video entry for the next column of The What's New Review.  He's also working with Jotdaniel on a platform game called Blorp.
  • As for BYOND Journalism, I never received any questions for my interview so I assumed EnigmaticGallivanter was busy.  I mean, what's the alternative?  That people are tired of me running my mouth on both the BYOND Central blog and the Facebook page?  I'm like an onion.  I have layers!  Smelly, smelly layers.  The people want my stench.  And self-righteous preaching.

Beyond BYOND

  • In the UK, the Indie Showcase portion of the Developer's Conference will feature 10 unpublished independent games.  Submissions end on the 20th.
  • Condolences to the friends and family of Jerry Lawson who died on April 9th at the age of 70.  Lawson was the engineer who created the first videogame cartridge-based system, the Fairchild Channel F.  Vintage Computing and Gaming provides a 2009 interview.
  • Already sponsoring the HD World Tournament, IGN has announced the IGN Pro League to offer a "professional, polished and interactive viewing experience to fans of eSports".  It looks nifty and the casters seem credible, but IGN recently merged with UGO and 1UP.  I don't know if I should be happy that western eSports has such powerful support or worried about the state of videogame journalism.  (On an unrelated Starcraft note, Blizzard recently interviewed Sean "Day[9]" Plott.)
  • In an Industry Gamers exclusive, it was revealed that videogames are now part of the GRAMMY Awards.  Four categories were amended to include music for visual media of all types.
  • Speaking of music, Gryzor87 is offering some free for your listening pleasure.  While recording multiple game soundtracks, he created an album paying homage to the funk-jazz-rock of Shinobi.  It's called Sounds & Shadows.
  • Need money?  On Gamasutra, Andrew Webster provides perspectives on crowdfunding and Colin Campbell discusses ways to attract a venture capitalist.
  • While some hope network profiling tools will help, it should be noted the BYOND isn't the the only software that has had to deal with lag during fast-paced competition.  On GameSetWatch, Kyle Orland interviewed GGPO's Tony Cannon on How A Fighting Game Fan Solved Internet Latency Issues.
  • Having trouble with female videogame characters?  You're not the only one.  On Discount Thoughts, Michael Clarkson details his problems with Enslaved's Trip.  More recently, the controversial depiction of Samus in Metroid: Other M was tackled in Extra Credits...  Not that either matters.  The videogame blogosphere will likely return to villainizing large-breasted women while still dressing people like sluts soon enough.  Unfairly, body type always seems to carry more weight than behavior.
  • Also on Extra Credits, gamification was discussed as a way to improve education.  It's an important piece displaying a problem I seem to have with those younger than myself...  And it appears Daniel Floyd used it to propose.  Facebook reports she said yes.  Gratz. =)
  • Mother's Day is on Sunday!  I LOVE YOU, MOOGIE!  (If you lack access to a mother, Grace Randolph offers the top ten movie moms on Beyond The Trailer.)

Now that I'm almost done with finals I need to get cracking, I'm saddened that at least 2 BYOND and withins have gone by without a real update (for good reason).
Is that guy in the video at the bottom blind? (Not ego- his eyes never open, and the way he talks make it seem like he can't actually see.)
The lynchin's a joke thankfully.

Fug just has trouble.

On the other hand, I am getting a bit tired of him missing his OWN deadlines... this is the 5th in a row.
@El Wookie: Yes, the achievement is how well he plays blind. =)
"As for BYOND Journalism, I never received any questions for my interview so I assumed EnigmaticGallivanter was busy."

I actually received an interview request during that first batch of interviews but, EG had sent it to my hotmail account which I just use for MSN rather than my gmail account which I use for email. I didn't find it until months after the fact.
@SuperAntx: We're Facebook friends. He contacted me through their message system in February, but didn't have the questions ready yet. *shrug* =)
3x in a row wow and the video review is in the works but im doing a written on for tommrow
im mad now because dungeondans reviews are in this and mine arnt maybe i should do my next review with a video in it
Most people don't subscribe to your brand of humor, Laserdog.
Huh, got mentioned. That's actually... pretty motivating. Thanks.
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Huh, got mentioned. That's actually... pretty motivating. Thanks.

I know right! I'm so happy! Gotta try harder!
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