Keywords: delve, update
I apologize for not having audio commentary, as I usually do on my videos, but it's basically midnight so I'd rather not be loud.
Please watch the video on Youtube rather than the embed for the best video quality!

Tell me what you think and ask all the questions you have. Special thanks to Yut Put for creating the (slightly edited by me) base. Everything else is made by me. (:

@ACWraith: Sorry for being disappointing, I'm happy you put me in the BYOND Weekly Update for my procedurally generated landscape, but this is what formed from it. (I don't understand either.)
Nice! :)
Thanks, any questions about it? :D
Can you put it in color :3
I don't know, I like the simplistic look, but I suppose I could ponder about color later. (:
Oh wow. That's really awesome!
Thanks! More will be coming soon! (: