by Falacy
Easily import sprite sheets into BYOND .dmi icon files
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It'd be cool if this had a setting to tell it how many characters are on one character sheet. For example, common character sheets are in 3x4 tables. A sheet may contain 4 of these tables for four types of characters.

The program KINDA does this automatically as it is. After 4 rows, it starts a new icon, but it doesn't start a new one after 3 columns. This means multiple characters side by side is a nono, which for example is common in RPG Maker VX sheets.

An easy way around this issue, in my opinion, is to allow an input of columns per movie. This way if a character really is using 6 columns, it still can, but if it's only using 3 but more than one character, it'll understand that.

I know it's been like, almost a year since this thing was released, but I figured I'd leave this here anyway in case it ever gets updated.