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Hey can you un banned me from battle of to legends i was banned but my brothers was bannde which mean i got banned with them so plz un do it beacuse i like playing that game and wont to keep playing so plz un baeede them
Yeah, I like Air Gear too.
Yo can u unban me on battle of 2 legends i applyed to be unbanned as the reason i was banned on it so plz i would really appreciat it :D
Love that game
Damn im hosst Banned from Naruto Battle of two legends T~T
Can you unban me please?
Hi Jinxman2 can you unban me please? I really enjoy playing this game thank you
Errr I need you to host something. Mua ha ha ha
Jinx I need a 24/7 host for Bleach Path Of Chaos you know anyone who could help me out with that?