Poll: What do you think of Tatsunoko Production's C:The Money Of Soul And Possibility

Its AWSOME 36% (4)
It is okay 27% (3)
It sucks 9% (1)
I haven't watched it. 27% (3)

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I found this new anime, [C]: Control: The Money and Soul of Possibility, And Watched all the episodes so far.
So I am just wondering what you guys think of Tatsunoko Production's new anime [C]: Control: The Money and Soul of Possibility?
I haven't watched it.

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Never heard of it..

If you haven't watched it, I suggested you check it out.
Guess I'll give it a watch after I'm finish watching the newest episodes of a new show I've been watching. :D
Whats it called?
At first I thought I was going to hate the main character but, then it showed him working two shit jobs while going to school with a bunch of trust fund douches. The concept of the show itself seems fresh, but it's only a few episodes in and starting to look like a Digimon knockoff. There's also a lot of CG inserted everywhere, it looks ugly.

My pick so far for the season would have to be Steins;Gate. It's only a few episodes in and looking good, we'll see how it turns out.
I haven't seen that, But I might check it out.
Nothing more I can say than: It's awesome!